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Omegon 1.25" premium Skylum filter

Product no.: 47428
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Product description:

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Omegon Skylum filter 1.25 ": The easy way to explore on Mars and Jupiter more
You want more details, more contrast in the observation and the moon and planets? but nevertheless, the object is to look natural? Then the Omegon Skylum filter the star in the eyepiece. It amplifies reddish and bluish luminous objects. Recognize the bands of Jupiter clearer or more details on Mars.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Strong contrast in Jupiter and Mars: See how to enhance red details clearly
  • Deep sky objects: better contrast in nebulae and galaxies
  • Ideal for small telescopes: the eyepiece remains bright and clear
  • 1.25 "filters with filter thread
  • also suitable for astrophotography

An expert on the entire sky
Do not hesitate, which filter for your object is useful. The Skylum filter is an all-rounder and suitable for many objects. He makes the sky background darker and highlights blue and red color produced. Even with reddish nebulae, he brings more glowing details. One can not say otherwise: He has a right Skyglow effect.

The filter increases mainly contrasts, but also has a low damping effect. On the moon, he brings another plus in narrow moon phases. In bright planet he acts against radiation. And what brings you this? In the future, these objects are in more detail before your eyes.

Against artificial light
Much like a fog filter is the Skylum filter certain wavelengths pass, but reduces the scattered light. It also blocks the light of many street lights, for example, in the range of sodium lamps. The light of the celestial objects comes more intensively to eye.

For small and large telescopes
The Skylum filter has a broad light transmission. This makes it ideally suited for visual observation with large or small telescopes. Even in a 80mm telescope, he does a good job.

The "beautiful" filter for star clusters and galaxies
Stars like glittering diamonds on black velvet? It would be nice. From the city of heaven sometimes like a gray concrete wall acts. You must not accept. Put the Skylum filter in your eyepiece and enjoy star clusters and galaxies. Even the sky will look much blacker and the object much nicer.

Make more of your observation!

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