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Meade Teleskop

Meade Instruments is commonly acknowledged as one of the most innovative and dynamic companies in the telescope market. Known for its groundbreaking leaps in telescopic design, Meade has introduced dozens of improvements over the years that have made amateur astronomy easier to access and more enjoyable than ever.

Founded in 1972, Meade began business as a one-man, mail-order supplier of small refracting telescopes. Word began to spread among amateurs that Meade Instruments is a company that can be trusted, one that does and means what it says. These values, now so often abused, are still very much at work in the Meade Instruments of the present day.

In 1978 Meade Instruments took on its most formidable challenge to that date: the Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope market. Meade Instruments has built its reputation and its products through industry-leading innovation. You’ll find that on every product they make.

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