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Astronomy Now Almanac Yearbook 2018 with Calender

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Manufacturer: Astronomy Now

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Product description:

Your complete guide to the night sky

The Astronomy Now Yearbook is packed with everything you need to find your way around the night sky. It comes with a beautifully illustrated calendar to hang on your wall, featuring some of the best astronomical images of the Universe.

Together the Yearbook and calendar form the complete package for everyone from the beginner using their naked eye to observe the stars to the experienced amateur astronomer with a large telescope.

Special topics in this year's edition:

  • Highlights of the Lunar phases
  • Choosing your imaging equipment
  • Meet the exoplanetary neighbours
  • Observing meteor showers
  • Observe Jupiter at its best
  • Imaging the Planets
  • How Juno is bringing Jupiter into sharp focus
  • Mars opposition delight
  • The year in space
  • Creating a Milky Way mosaic
  • It's Perseid meteors time again
  • Stunning star trails
  • The next generation space telescope

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