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Navigator Pro

The Navigator Pro series is the first choice for charterers, water sports enthusiasts and amateur sailors. It offers unique value for money with a variety of features common to all the globally renowned Steiner marine binoculars.

All models are reliable, easy to use and convince with the legendary Steiner robustness. Available in 7x50 and 7x30. Both models also feature a large analogue, HD liquid-damped compass with illumination and a bearing mark for easy direction determination. (C models)

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What are the differences between the SkyHawk 3.0, XC and Ranger Xtreme series?

Time and again, customers ask us what are the differences between these three binoculars series. This is difficult to determine solely on the basis of the technical data. These are too similar.

What are the differences between the SkyHawk 3.0 and XC series?

There are none! The XC is the US variant of the Skyhawk
For marketing reasons, this model has a different series name in the USA. The scope of delivery and manufacturer’s warranty are identical.

What are the differences between the SkyHawk 3.0 and Ranger Xtreme series?

It is very difficult to determine the differences here on the basis of the technical data alone. These are mainly due to the composition of the coating layers.

  • The SkyHawk is mainly aimed at nature and bird watchers. Especially when determining birds on the basis of the smallest plumage details, it is important that the binoculars provide as colour-neutral an image as possible and are as free of colour fringing as possible.
  • The Ranger Xtreme is more designed for hunting and using into the night. For this reason, importance has been attached to achieving a slight increase in light transmission and increased contrast with the coating. However, the colour neutrality suffers slightly as a result. In addition, the rubber coating is a little thicker, which makes the Ranger a few grammes heavier.
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