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Lumicon filters at a special price!

The Lumicon name stands for high quality astronomical filters, both for visual observing and astrophotography.

This special offer means we can now offer you a selection of different filters from this American manufacturer at a 20% discount.

The following filters are now available at a special price:

Neutral Density (ND) filters – ideal for lunar observing:

IR blocking filters for increasing sharpness when photographing the Moon and planets:

Violet-blocking filters for reducing colour fringing with achromatic refractors:

Comet filters for better observing of the coma and tail:

H-Beta filter for very faint nebulae:

Also: Colour filters for planetary observing and astrophotography:

Blue filters

Blue filters above all make the details of the atmospheres of Jupiter and Saturn more visible, as well as those of the surface of Mars.

Dark blue is excellent for detecting cloud bands and the Great Red Spot (GRS) on Jupiter.

Red filters

Red filters increase contrast with the Moon and reveal the polar caps on Mars. Dark red filters should only be used on larger telescopes.

Light red gives a strong increase in contrast with the Moon, as well as allowing easier observing of Mercury and Venus at dusk.

Violet filters

Violet filters are used for observing Venus (cloud structures) and increase contrast with Saturn’s rings.

Green filters

Green filters enhance the contrast of surface details on the Moon, as well as details in the cloud structures of Jupiter (GRS) and Saturn (bands).

Light green also allows better observing of the ice caps on Mars.

Yellow filters:

Yellow filters suppress colour fringing with achromatic refractors and can be used as universal contrast filters for various objects in our solar system.

Yellow-green filters allow atmospheric details on Jupiter and Saturn to be detected more easily, even in smaller telescopes.

Yellow-orange filters increase contrast when observing Mars.

These special prices are only valid until 31 March 2020 and only while stocks last. Get yours now!

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