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TS Optics 2“ Crayford focuser for refractors, 1:10 reduction ratio

Product no.: 1240
Manufacturer: TS Optics

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Product description:

2" Crayford focuser with 1:10 transmission, for refractors

Solid, ball-beared focuser for ATM or upgrading refractors with simple focusers. The main characteristic is a very smooth operation.

Load capability:
The focuser accepts payload up to ca. 2.5 kg. So it is also suitable for havier cameras and accessories.

The knurled screw on the eyepiece side adjusts for the drawtube's resitance - the more it is tightened, the heavier loads can be held without slipping.
The knurled screw on the telescope side fixes the drawtube when tightened. This is useful for astro photography.

The micro transmission
The focuser has a 1:10 micro transmission allowing very fine adjustments. Turning the micrometre screw by 10° moves the drawtube by only 0.038mm.

Telescope side adaptations:
The focuser has a telescope side inner diameter of 86mm. An adaptor 86mm inner diamter is included. This fits e.g. to Skywatcher 80 + 90mm refractors and Celestron 80mm refractors.

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