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BA410 Elite

It offers the highest level of optical performance. The BA410E offers excellent colour fidelity, thus enabling profound diagnoses in the fields of pathology, haematology and cytology. High numerical apertures deliver improved resolution capability for a more detailed analysis of your sample. The energy-saving auto ON-OFF function improves laboratory safety: a final check of the device at the end of the working day is no longer necessary. The light intensity setting for each nosepiece position is measured, stored and restored each time the nosepieces are rotated. In this way, it is not necessary to adjust the illumination each time you switch to a different magnification. The ceramic stage ensures maximum abrasion resistance, and guarantees that the glass specimen slide lies perfectly flat for its lifetime.

Key features

  • Optical system: infinity optics (CCIS®)
  • Eyepieces: N-WF10X/22m
  • Nosepiece: 6 position
  • Objective: EC-H Plan Achromatic
  • Condenser: Abbe swing-out condenser,N.A 0.9; with iris diaphragm
  • Illumination: Köhler quarz halogen 12V / 50W or LED 3W
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The very best of Motic’s BA series

The BA410E is the Motic BA series’ most powerful microscope. Thanks to the flexible stand concept, the device can be individually equipped to suit specific applications. Phase contrast (positive & negative variants), polarization with first order red compensator and dark field are a given. The powerful light sources mean that multi-viewing set-ups with up to 4 observers are an interesting option, especially for histology and pathology. A fluorescence upgrade is possible with a separate 100W HBO lamp house and 4 position filter holder with incident light. The BA410E offers the greatest flexibility of the entire BA series: a truly top-of-the-range model.


Flexibility in the daily routine
The Motic BA410E is specially designed for flexible deployment in day-to-day laboratory work.
The coated rackless stage allows long-term and precise processing of samples.
The BA410E’s tubes have a 30° viewing angle for comfortable observing. The interpupillary distance is adjustable from 48-75mm, depending on the needs of different users. The photo tubes are equipped with different beam splitters and allow the use of various digital camera systems to enable the discussion of microscopic images over the entire laboratory.


New optics to meet every need

The BA410E optics are based on EC-H Plan Achromatics with a range of 2X to 100X. These bright field optics deliver the basis for the EC-H Phase objectives (positive & negative).
The BA410E catalogue also offers two series of top-class objectives. The Plan Fluorite objectives display a perfect balance between contrast and transmission with improved apertures, while the Plan Apochromatics are designed for maximum resolution and colour fidelity for use in histology and pathology. The N-WF eyepieces start with the standard 10X/22mm field of view, allow dioptre adjustment (+/-5 dpt) for both eyes, and thus allow the accurate use of reticles.


A clever and powerful illumination concept
The BA410E delivers 50W/100W halogen illumination in a full-Köhler set-up. The 50W version is specially designed for light-intensive processes such as dark field or polarization, while the 100W version has all the power reserves for multi-viewing set-ups. The "light memory" function is based on a coded 6-fold nosepiece, which stores the brightness setting for each position and replicates it when the objective is switched in again.
The integrated IR sensor activates the ON-OFF function and automatically switches the microscope off as soon as the user moves away. A high-quality condenser with NA 1.25 and iris diaphragm for the visualisation of weakly or non-stained samples is included in the package.

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