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The Q-scope product range of handheld digital microscopes offer the best solution for a broad range of applications like industrial quality control, medical & life sciences, forensics, science & education, art restoration and many other fields.

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With growing pressure on perfect quality products and worldwide decrease components size, digital imaging has become one of the key elements for industry in production, repair, R&D and quality inspection. Q-scope digital microscopes have proven to be an ideal tool for all applications due to its fast imaging and accurate measurement functions. Sharing information across the production floor or even worldwide can be done instantly greatly approving efficiency.

Science / Education

A picture is worth a thousand words, this expression first used in 1911 is still true, especially in science and education. Q-scope digital microscopes help projects come to live with vivid, crisp digital images. Either via live imaging, time-lapsed images/videos or via high resolution images for direct use in papers or reports. Intuitive controls of both the microscope and software make sure any user can use it. There is even no need to read the manual. Copy past a picture into your report or prove delicate projects with accurate measurement results, it’s all done quick and easy with Q-scope digital microscopes.


Show an abnormality to a patient to convince them treatment is necessary, have them watch the procedure live during treatment or save before and after pictures in a digital patient file. Q-scope does it all with high reliability. The variable zoom ratio makes sure that the every important detail can be shown and documented.


The veterinary market is growing but the pressure on quality of service in this sector is growing with it. Owners of pets and live animals are more and more demanding proof of results or even want to see this their selves. Fleas, ticks, Parodontitis and more can visualized with great ease. Digital microscopy using Q-scope digital microscopes is the best solution for fast and reliable imaging for all veterinary applications.

Other applications

Digital microscopy using Q-scope is easy, fast and accurate. Measure, edit and share digital images of virtually any component, tool, insect of body part. Anything of interest can be enlarged till it’s details are displayed in crisp clear quality. Using the (optional) polarization filter helps bring unseen details to live or helps eliminate unwanted glare from shiny objects.! From forensics to art restoration, from entomology to car repair, as the most versatile digital microscope in its class there is always a suitable Q-scope for your application

Home / Hobby

Q-scope digital microscopes are also very suitable for home and hobby use. Share images with friends, send pictures doubtful skin disorders to your doctor, locate lice or explore the enlarged world of insects with your kids. For anything you want to see in detail, there is a suitable Q-scope. Use one of the professional models or use the Q-scope LITE the entry level Q-scope which benefits from the technique and software of the professional Q-scopes at a very affordable price.