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Omegon Telescope Advanced N 203/1000 EQ-500

Product no.: 43623
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Telescope Advanced N 203/1000 EQ-500
Omegon Telescope Advanced N 203/1000 EQ-500
Omegon Telescope Advanced N 203/1000 EQ-500
Omegon Telescope Advanced N 203/1000 EQ-500
Omegon Telescope Advanced N 203/1000 EQ-500
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Product description:

This telescope is a complete instrument - with optics, mount, tripod and basic accessories. This is everything you need for getting started.

If you do not want a ready-to-use telescope set, then put together a telescope yourself, according to your own requirements at Configurator.

Omegon Advanced 203/1000mm - Your own way to the galaxies

Don't just marvel at beautiful images of the night sky - experience them yourself with the Omegon Advanced 203/1000 telescope - live! A 203mm telescope such as this will show you a whole world of deep sky objects, whether a highly resolved globular cluster or a delicate galaxy. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see how the spiral arms wrap artfully around a galaxy? With this telescope, you can see it directly. And of course, you can also use it for no compromises planetary observing - the optics will reward you with exciting details on our neighbouring worlds.

The optics

Excellent image quality

Sharp right out to the edge of the field of view - the parabolic primary mirror provides a brilliant image. This mirror is the heart of your telescope and its 203mm aperture gathers 841 times more light than the naked eye alone. Observe Saturn with its floating rings - the telescope will put you under its spell. The Omegon advanced OTA is made entirely of metal, ensuring that the advanced 203/1000 will accompany you for many years on your adventures through the night sky.

Omegon 2" Crayford focuser - for precise focusing of astronomical objects

The Omgeon advanced 2" focuser provides your Omegon advanced telescope with precision, backlash-free focusing - letting you sharply focus, even at high magnifications.

Perhaps you already know the problem of objects 'jumping in and out of focus' in your focuser at high magnification due to it having too much play, which is an annoying problem with inferior focusers. This Crayford focuser will always deliver a rock steady image.

Omegon 8x50 finder scope - To help you locate astronomical objects more easily

Finding an object in the night sky is quick and easy with the Skywatcher 8x50 finder scope - this mini-telescope provides you with a wide view of the sky. After first sighting on an object using the thin crosshairs, you will then see your object in the field of view of the main telescope. Without using a finder scope, locating an object would be pure chance. This finder scope lets you consistently locate your objects.

Well illuminated for astrophotography

The 58mm diameter secondary mirror makes it very suitable for astrophotography. Many SLR cameras will be completely illuminated and still benefit from high contrast.

Omegon 10mm and 25mm eyepiece set - magnify objects to observe more detail

A telescope and its eyepieces - they go together like a camera and its lenses. Only when you insert an eyepiece into a telescope do you see first an image and the magnification it gives. This very competitively priced eyepiece set consists of a 10mm and a 25mm eyepiece. These two 1.25 inch eyepieces can be the basic accessories for your first observing.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 203mm Newtonian telescope with parabolic mirror and high light-gathering power
  • explore countless deep sky objects - such as galaxies
  • ideally suited for planetary observing
  • adapter for quick and easy connection of advanced focuser
  • thin spider vanes for high contrast
  • optimal for getting started in astrophotography
  • put together your own, individual, telescope using our Configurator

The mount

Omegon advanced EQ-500 mount - A masterpiece in the middle heavyweight class

The larger the telescope, the more it can show you of the wonders of the universe. Galaxies sprout arms and clusters turn into diamond tiaras. But for your observing to become a real experience, you need a stable mount. The Omegon Advanced EQ-500 mount provides a solid base for Newtonian telescopes of up to 200mm aperture for example.

Equatorial design - easy to follow the stars

This mount is an equatorial design. Once aligned, the mount can track stars, planets and other astronomical objects by rotating on a single axis. The advantage is that you only have to track the telescope using that one axis, making it easier to hold objects in the field of view. So you will have hours of relaxed observing and perhaps even be able to get your entire family interested in your hobby.

Medium Weight - carrying capacity of up to 10kg

The Omegon EQ-500 belongs to the middle range weight class for mounts and can therefore carry telescopes of up to 10kg. You can attach a 200mm Newtonian telescope, a 9.25" SC or a 150mm refractor to the EQ-500, so the EQ-500 makes you extremely flexible regarding your telescope selection.

Ball bearing mounted axes mean quieter operation

Both axes of the Omegon EQ-500 mount run on ball bearings, so the mechanism runs especially quietly. Objects seem to simply float through the field of view, even when making corrections using the slow-motions.

Precision location of the celestial pole

As with larger mounts, the two azimuth screws and two polar elevation screws ensure quick and easy alignment on the Pole Star - letting you get on with an exciting night's observing.

Preparation for a polar finder scope

If you are interested in astrophotography, then why not equip your mount with an advanced polar finder scope. This lets you increase the mount's precision and takes your astrophotography to the next level. Long exposures (motor recommended) then become possible.

Steel tripod for more stability

This stainless steel tripod provides a much more stable base for the telescope mount compared to models made from aluminium. It is exactly this steadiness that the quality of your observing ultimately depends on. The three steel legs are additionally reinforced by a metal plate giving you a tripod that will not wobble during your observing. The metal plate also has holes provided for holding your eyepieces during your observing sessions.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Omegon Advanced EQ-500 mount
  • carries telescopes of up to 10kg in weight
  • easy tracking of astronomical objects with handy slow-motion controls
  • quick-release prism rail mounting for OTAs
  • quiet running - axes run on ball-bearings
  • upgradeable for astrophotography
  • with extendable stainless steel tripod - adjustable and ultra-stable
  • includes two 4.3kg counterweights
  • upgradable motor available for automatic tracking
The optics offer sensational views of the planets and deep-sky objects.

The mount plus stainless steel tripod forms a stable platform for your optics.

The 2" Crayford focuser always lets you focus precisely and absolutely backlash-free. Which eyepieces will fit in it? - they all do!

The 10mm and 25mm eyepiece set you up for your first observing.

Recommended accessories:

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