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Now available for a special price: Skywatcher 120mm EvoStar on EQ-3 mount

February 13 2017, Stefan Taube

For years this has been one of the most popular beginners telescopes: the AC 120/1000 EvoStar EQ-3 from Skywatcher. As of today, you can buy this telescope for a price of only EUR 489 instead of the previous EUR 599. You save EUR 110!

A tried-and-tested beginners telescope:

One reason for the popularity of this telescope surely is its classic form. This slim refracting telescope with a focal length of 1000 mm perfectly meets the idea you might have of a telescope. But it does not only look elegant; its power or capacity is also something worth mentioning. With its aperture of 120 mm this achromatic refractor already is one of the bigger telescopes of this design variant. With an aperture ratio of f/8.3 the colour errors have been corrected quite well. As a refractor it offers a particularly high contrast, which has a positive effect when looking at planets. Moreover, with the aperture of 120 mm numerous DeepSky objects, like the Ring Nebula and the far away Globular Cluster M13, are also visible.

EvoStarA solid base that can be retrofitted with motors:

The mount is a further development of the EQ-3. It provides a solid base for medium size optics and is most suitable for taking a stroll across the night sky.

If the equatorial mount is aligned with the North Star before starting a stargazing session, all that is left to do is to track one single axis – the right ascension axis, also referred to as hour axis – to keep the celestial object visible within the eyepiece. On telescopes with basic equipment this tracking is done by hand. However, you can, at any time, retrofit a battery-powered motor for the right ascension axis. RA drive motor for EQ-3-2 mounts.

If you would like to have both axes of the mount motorised, you should choose the EQ-3-2 motor set RA and DEC.

With such a motorised tracking system you can use this telescope to get started with astrophotography. The new EQ-3-2 motor set RA and DEC with ST4 even allows you to connect an autoguider – an advanced piece of technology in astrophotography.

The extremely robust and well-established telescope AC 120/1000 EvoStar EQ-3 can also be adapted to meet your requirements – and this even at a later date, after you have become familiar with the basics.

The portable telescope comes with complete basic equipment, which allows you to start immediately. The equipment includes 2 eyepieces and a relatively big finder scope with an aperture of 50 mm. Just unpack it, take it outside into your garden and start!

This offer remains valid as long as stock lasts – buy now!



Now available: Omegon Autoguiding-Set with 15% price advantage

February 6 2017, Marcus Schenk

Simply useful for astrophotography: a guidescope and an autoguider, with which you can control your long exposure photographs and ensure perfect and dot-shaped tracked shots.
Omegon now offers a mini guidescope with a 50 mm or 60 mm diameter. With the Touptek Autoguider GCMOS01200KMB Mono the whole system becomes an astrophoto control base.

Even more economical in a set

You can also buy the mini guidescope in a set with the Touptek guider.
Your advantage: buying the set you save up 15% compared with the individual products:
1. Omegon camera Easy Autoguiding-Set50
2. Omegon camera Easy Autoguiding-Set60


Why these guidescopes are so convenient

Until recently, photographers used long refractors mounted parallel to the main telescope, which require their own tube clamps, are impractical and, all in all, very heavy. Used on a stationary telescope, there is no problem. But what if you want your telescope to be portable? With the new mini guidescopes, it is as simple never before. Simply mount the guidescope to your existing finderbase, connect the camera – and you are ready to go. Plus, it is not much heavier than a common finderscope. We think this is really convenient! This way you can even use smaller telescopes for taking photos of DeepSky objects.

What are your astronomical plans for 2017? To take your best astrophoto? With our new technology this dream can easily become a reality.


Skywatcher Sky Panorama Eyepieces: More economical in a set!

January 9 2017, Stefan Taube

With immediate effect the popular ultra wide angle eyepieces of the Sky Panorama series are available in an economical set:

Skywatcher Eyepiece Set Sky Panorama with focal length of 7 mm, 15 mm, 23 mm.

You save 69.90 Euro when compared with the purchase of the individual eyepieces.
The three focal lengths fully cover the sensible range needed for observations with Dobson telescopes.

The Sky Panorama ultra-wide angle eyepieces offer a large field of view of 82° – a unique viewing experience across a very flat, well corrected and almost undistorted field. The eyepieces come with soft eyepiece caps, which can be simply rotated for correct positioning. Convenient viewing and also suitable for persons wearing glasses. For high contrast and maximum light transmission the lens areas have been broad spectrum multi tempered. The thread cut into the plug-in sleeve enables the use of filters.

Sky Panorama


Morning Calm mounts: Display models at bargain prices!

November 21 2016, Stefan Taube

The four mounts of the Morning Calm series from Korean manufacturer Rainbow Astro were designed with demanding astronomers in mind. All four models are suitable for mobile astro photographers, but they are mainly used in public and private observatories.

Our display models are now available at heavily reduced prices:

Morning Calm


These mounts are fully functional but show minor traces of use. For the condition of these special offers and the scope of delivery please refer to the images on the product pages of the Morning Calm mounts, where you will also find further information about the individual products.

Since these display models are single pieces only, the offer is limited. Please order now!

We will gladly help you to find a suitable adapter for your tripod or your observatory column. However, the adapter is not included in the price of the mount. Do you have any further questions concerning the mounts? Please contact us!


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