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Skywatcher telescopes at a special price – ideal for beginners!

May 27 2024, Stefan Taube

You can now purchase selected Skywatcher telescopes at a special price:

Take advantage of these favourable prices now for your entry into astronomy: The offer is only valid while stocks last!

By the way, we also offer other telescopes and mounts from Skywatcher at a special price: You can find all items here in the shop!

Celestron RASA 800 AVX with autoguider: A powerful package for astrophotography!

May 13 2024, Stefan Taube

The Celestron brand has put together a package comprising the f/2.2 RASA 800 astrograph, the tried-and-tested Advanced VX mount and the new StarSense autoguider camera.

Save money with the set: Celestron Astrograph S 203/400 RASA 800 AVX autoguider

RASA stands for Rowe-Ackermann-Schmidt-Astrograph:

  • Super-fast optics for extremely short exposure times!
  • Excellent focussing mechanism!
  • Quiet 12V MagLev fan allows optimal air cycle in the tube

The StarSense autoguider offers many advantages:

  • Automatic alignment and support during polar alignment
  • Precise GoTo: Improves the positioning accuracy of your Celestron mount!
  • Autoguiding: Tracks celestial objects precisely, for pinpoint stars even on long-exposure astrophotos!

You do not need a separate laptop for the StarSense autoguider, but can simply operate it via the NexStar hand control.

As a set you save money compared to the sum of the individual prices! The offer is only valid until 15 June 2024, grab it now here in the shop!

EQ-AL55i Pro: New mount for small optics and DSLR cameras from Skywatcher

April 22 2024, Stefan Taube

The Skywatcher brand has been offering small mounts for travelling and photography with camera lenses for years under the name Star Adventurer.

The technology and design of these successful models can be found again in a new mount that has a load capacity of 10 kilograms and can therefore also carry somewhat larger optics: Skywatcher mount EQ-AL55i Pro SynScan GoTo WiFi

This versatile mount is equipped with an adjustable counterweight bar. This allows use at all latitudes from 0° to 90° and avoids the problems that arise with many mounts outside our mid-latitudes. It is an ideal travelling mount!

The EQ-AL55i is fully controlled with a smartphone via the built-in Wi-Fi module and the free SynScan Pro app. This app is available for iOS and Android.

You can find more information about this mount here in the shop.

Mounts with strain wave gear from ZWO, iOptron and PegasusAstro

April 19 2024, Stefan Taube

Innovative manufacturers have been offering astronomical mounts with a special drive design for a few years now. You can find these in the shop under the Harmonic / Strainwave link.

These mounts are equipped with a so-called strain wave gear. It is also known under the protected brand name Harmonic Drive.

The advantages are:

  • High load capacity with low dead weight
  • High torsional rigidity: no counterweights required
  • Relatively inexpensive, as industry standard
  • No swivelling error (“backlash”)
  • Very high reduction ratio
  • Compact dimensions
  • Maintenance-free and backlash-free in the long term

The strain wave gear is used for the axes of industrial robots, among other things. It is therefore a standard and does not need to be specially developed and built for astronomical mounts.

Although the periodic gearbox error is also high for strain wave gears, the error typical of worm shafts, which occurs when the direction of rotation changes (“backlash”), is eliminated. This means that the strain wave gear reacts immediately to the control impulses, so that the periodic error can be compensated very well by autoguiding.

For large mounts, such as the Skywatcher EQ-8, the mounts from 10Micron or the CGX-L from Celestron, a worm shaft is still the first choice, because optics with a long focal length require a very low periodic gear error and a counterweight cannot be dispensed with for heavy optics, even with a strain wave gear. In addition, the advantages of strain wave gears in terms of compactness, weight and price are lost as soon as a mount with a high load capacity is required.

There is therefore an ideal range of load capacity in which mounts with a strain wave gear can play to their strengths. The requirements for mobile astrophotography with small to medium-sized optics fall within this range. The harmonic mounts from brands like iOptron, PegasusAstro, RainbowAstro and ZWO are designed precisely for these requirements.

You can find all mounts with strain wave gear under the Harmonic / Strainwave link in the shop.


Typical strain wave gear to industry standard

Dobsonian telescope with over 30 centimetre mirror from Bresser

April 3 2024, Stefan Taube

Dobsonian telescopes are simple in design and intuitive to use. They are therefore particularly popular with newcomers to astronomy and occasional observers. But experienced amateur astronomers also love this type of telescope, as the simple design allows the use of a large mirror at a fair price.

The traditional Bresser company now offers a Dobsonian telescope with a 305 millimetre mirror diameter in its Messier series: N 305/1525 Messier Hexafoc

This model also shares the special advantages of the Dobsonian telescopes in the Messier series:

  • Newtonian optics with parabolic primary mirror
  • Large altitude wheels and azimuthal needle bearing for movements without jerking
  • Tube with tube clamps: The telescope can be finely balanced. It is even possible to use the optics on a different mount.
  • The supporting box can be assembled in just a few minutes using metal furniture connectors.
  • A suitable filter for observing the sun is already included in the scope of delivery.

The tube of the largest model N 305/1525 Messier Hexafoc is made of fiberglass and is therefore relatively easy to transport.

You can find more information and the current price for this 12-inch telescope here in the shop.

New member of the Celestron NexStar Evolution family

March 25 2024, Stefan Taube

The popular Nexstar Evolution telescopes from Celestron have a new addition: It’s a five inch telescope!

The NexStar Evolution 5 is even more compact and less expensive than the other models in this series. However, it has everything that characterises a NexStar Evolution telescope:

  • High-quality optics in a Schmidt-Cassegrain design. This design is compact, closed and very easy to use. The long focal length is ideal for observing and photographing the moon and planets.
  • The telescope is equipped with motors and computer control (“GoTo”). This means that even beginners can find all attractive celestial objects.
  • The telescope can be controlled with the hand controller or via smartphone and the SkyPortal app from Celestron. To do this, the telescope generates a Wi-Fi signal so that you can connect your smartphone to the telescope.
  • The NexStar-Evolution has an integrated lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) with a battery life of approx. 10 hours.
  • The telescope can be disassembled into three parts. This makes it easy to transport and fits in any car boot.

You can find the NexStar Evolution 5 and all other models here in the shop.

Easter gifts for nature lovers!

March 11 2024, Stefan Taube

Celebrate the start of the most beautiful season with us! Make yourself and your loved ones happy!

We offer selected gifts for young nature lovers and old hands alike:


For walks and hikes in Springtime:

If you have binoculars with you, you can see more. Nature comes closer. We offer a wide range of binoculars for nature and bird watching.

  • A monocular fits in every pocket and is quickly to hand for a closer look at animals or plants:

Omegon Orange 8×42 monocular

  • Binoculars with a roof prism are also compact, but allow comfortable binocular viewing. With 42 millimetre lenses, the Talron 8×42 is bright enough to provide a clear image even in dark forests or at dusk:

Omegon Talron HD 8×42


For a view at the Stars:

In spring, the nights are no longer freezing cold, but they are still relatively long and dark. This is the ideal time to start observing the sky!

  • Until 31 March you will receive an additional voucher of 100,- Euro with the purchase of a Omegon Telescope AC 90/1000 EQ-2. This allows you to order additional accessories now or at a later date.

Omegon Telescope AC 90/1000 EQ-2 + voucher at a Value of 100 Euro

  • Many nature lovers got their first taste of sky observation with a Skywatcher Dobsonian telescope. These telescopes are reasonably priced for their size and easy to use. We offer all models in this successful telescope series:



Be inspired by our ideas and discover the reawakening of nature!

Browse through our Easter gift ideas and give yourself and your loved ones a little treat!

Now on sale: VC200L VISAC Astrograph from Vixen

February 7 2024, Stefan Taube

You can currently get the C 200/1800 VC200L VISAC Cassegrain telescope from Vixen for a particularly low price!

The VC200L VISAC has been specially developed for the requirements of astrophotography. The unique catadioptric system has an aspherical primary mirror, a convex secondary mirror and an additional triplet correcting lens. This combination results in the VISAC telescope optics (Vixen Sixth-Order Aspherical Cassegrain).

The VISAC system offers you tack-sharp  stars right to the edge of the field of view, as it corrects all three types of imaging errors of reflecting telescopes.

You can find more information here in the shop.

The offer is limited in time. Take advantage of it now!

FCD-100-Apos from Explore Scientific now at a special price!

February 7 2024, Stefan Taube

The apochromatic telescopes in the Professional Line series from Explore Scientific use an objective consisting of three lenses with a central element made of the special FCD-100 glass: the colour purity of these objectives sets standards in this price class!

You can now obtain the following three models at a special price:

All telescopes are equipped with the high-quality 2.5-inch Hexafoc focuser. It offers a 1:10 reduction for precise focussing in astrophotography.

The offer is limited in time. Take advantage of it now!

Explore Scientific 16-inch Dobsonian at a special price!

January 29 2024, Stefan Taube

You can currently get the largest model in the Ultra Light Dobsonian series from Explore Scientific at a special price!

It is the Dobsonian telescope N 406/1826 Ultra Light Generation II 

Explore Scientific offers lightweight aluminium Dobsonians that are optimized for transport and a rapid set-up:

  • The secondary mirror holder can be operated without tools and is with stable adjustment
  • The primary mirror can be adjusted from the front during observation and sits in a modern cell with radial roller bearings and a 9-point system
  • Large altitude wheels allow jitter-free movement even at higher magnifications
  • Cover and altitude wheels fit into the rocker box, the mirror box is equipped with a lid for transport, so you only have to transport two aluminium boxes and a bundle of rods
  • Extremely rigid construction!
  • Dew-resistant thanks to all-aluminium construction: No more negative influence from humidity thanks to the exclusive use of aluminium and other metals
  • Two radial main mirror fans for rapid ambient temperature adjustment

You can find more information about the large 16-inch model here in the shop.

The offer is valid until 28th February 2024 and only while stocks last! Take advantage of it now!