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On galaxy hunt: Get your Omegon Advanced X Dobson now at a Spring discount

February 20 2024, Marcus Schenk

Imagine a clear Spring night, countless stars twinkling in the sky, and you are ready to explore the depths of the Universe. With a telescope that captures the light of distant galaxies and ignites your spirit of exploration.

For a limited time we are now offering you the Omegon Advanced Dobson X telescopes at interesting prices. With apertures of 203mm, 254mm, and up to 304mm, these light-gathering giants allow you to dive deep into the wonders of Space.

Save yourself a 10% discount on the 10- and 12-inch models and even a 17% discount on the 8-inch model!

These robust companions are known not only for their easy handling, but also for their outstanding quality. The simple construction and intuitive maneuvering of Dobson telescopes allow you to quickly get started with observations without losing valuable hours being involved in complicated preparations.

  • The precisely adjustable Crayford focuser provides you with the necessary comfort and focusing accuracy, even when it comes to higher magnifications.
  • The parabolic primary mirror guarantees sharp and detailed images – from the craters of the Moon to the spiral arms of distant galaxies.

As a hobby Astronomer you know that choosing the right telescope for observation is crucial. With the Omegon Advanced Dobson X telescopes you are making a choice that not only satisfies your desire for gathering knowledge, but also makes the splendor of night sky journeys tangible for visual observers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! The spring promotion is valid only until March 31, 2024 and while supplies last…

Ticket to the Stars: Omegon Telescope AC 90/1000 EQ-2 with 100 Euro Voucher

February 20 2024, Marcus Schenk

Imagine being able to not only admire the night sky above us, but also explore it in detail with your own eyes.
Similar to an observatory, but from your own backyard. The AC 90/1000 EQ-2 refractor telescope helps in getting
started with a lot of fun.

Now with a great special: For a limited time, we are providing a 100 Euro shopping voucher for any accessories!

  • With its 90mm aperture this telescope is so light-gathering that you can make fascinating observations within the
    Solar System and beyond.
  • The stable mount ensures a smooth and precise tracking of objects, while you explore the Moon, the Rings of
    Saturn or the Polar Caps of Mars. Are you ready to discover your passion for the Universe?

Imagine the amazed faces when you and your family admire sharp-edged lunar craters together, making it appear as if
you were floating over the surface in a spaceship.

Better accessories enhance every telescope
With the 100 Euro voucher that you will receive with your delivery you can invest in high-quality accessories, because additional eyepieces or filters turn a basic set into a telescope tailored to your needs.

You’re not sure what to choose? Then simply let our experts advise you.

Still unsure? Then let our customer’s product reviews tell you all about this telescope.

Being quick is worth it: Grab this special offer right away and enjoy the Omegon AC 90/1000 EQ-2 with a 100 Euro
voucher. Only valid until March 31, 2024 and while supplies last.


Meade LX85 and LX90 sale!

February 15 2024, Jan Ströher

From now until March 31, 2024 we are offering you stock models of the LX85 and LX90 series from Meade at special discounted prices.

The LX85 mount is designed for mobile Astrophotography. With its powerful servomotors and Meade Smart Drive technology, it follows the rotation of the sky and keeps the telescope aligned with the desired object for long exposure times – without flipping during meridian transit!


Meade telescope N 200/800 LX85


The models in the LX90 series are among the most widely used systems by advanced amateur Astronomers. There is a good reason for this: The system is so compact that the smaller models are ideal for mobile Astronomy, whereas the large instruments also fit into a garden or club observatory.

Meade telescope ACF-SC 254/2500 UHTC LX90

Various models of both series from our warehouse are now available at a special price until March 31, 2024 – only while supplies last!

Now on sale: VC200L VISAC Astrograph from Vixen

February 7 2024, Stefan Taube

You can currently get the C 200/1800 VC200L VISAC Cassegrain telescope from Vixen for a particularly low price!

The VC200L VISAC has been specially developed for the requirements of astrophotography. The unique catadioptric system has an aspherical primary mirror, a convex secondary mirror and an additional triplet correcting lens. This combination results in the VISAC telescope optics (Vixen Sixth-Order Aspherical Cassegrain).

The VISAC system offers you tack-sharp  stars right to the edge of the field of view, as it corrects all three types of imaging errors of reflecting telescopes.

You can find more information here in the shop.

The offer is limited in time. Take advantage of it now!

FCD-100-Apos from Explore Scientific now at a special price!

February 7 2024, Stefan Taube

The apochromatic telescopes in the Professional Line series from Explore Scientific use an objective consisting of three lenses with a central element made of the special FCD-100 glass: the colour purity of these objectives sets standards in this price class!

You can now obtain the following three models at a special price:

All telescopes are equipped with the high-quality 2.5-inch Hexafoc focuser. It offers a 1:10 reduction for precise focussing in astrophotography.

The offer is limited in time. Take advantage of it now!

Explore Scientific 16-inch Dobsonian at a special price!

January 29 2024, Stefan Taube

You can currently get the largest model in the Ultra Light Dobsonian series from Explore Scientific at a special price!

It is the Dobsonian telescope N 406/1826 Ultra Light Generation II 

Explore Scientific offers lightweight aluminium Dobsonians that are optimized for transport and a rapid set-up:

  • The secondary mirror holder can be operated without tools and is with stable adjustment
  • The primary mirror can be adjusted from the front during observation and sits in a modern cell with radial roller bearings and a 9-point system
  • Large altitude wheels allow jitter-free movement even at higher magnifications
  • Cover and altitude wheels fit into the rocker box, the mirror box is equipped with a lid for transport, so you only have to transport two aluminium boxes and a bundle of rods
  • Extremely rigid construction!
  • Dew-resistant thanks to all-aluminium construction: No more negative influence from humidity thanks to the exclusive use of aluminium and other metals
  • Two radial main mirror fans for rapid ambient temperature adjustment

You can find more information about the large 16-inch model here in the shop.

The offer is valid until 28th February 2024 and only while stocks last! Take advantage of it now!

New entry-level Dobsonian telescope from Omegon

January 28 2024, Benjamin Mirwald

The Omegon-Dobson family has grown. The Advanced X N 152/1200 telescope expands the “Advanced X” series with a high-quality, yet affordable model.

With a mirror diameter of 152 millimeters, it collects enough light to see even distant galaxies. The slim telescope shows its strengths primarily when observing planets and star clusters. The focal length of 1200mm makes it easy to achieve slightly higher magnifications. The included 25 mm eyepiece gives 48x magnification, with additional eyepieces a range of 30x to 240x is usable. We particularly recommend the Premium Flatfield eyepieces as accessories.

Sometimes at high magnifications you can see the flickering of the air, but there are nights with perfect “seeing” – and this telescope is made for them. As a Dobsonian telescope, it consists of two parts and is ready for use in just six steps:

  1. First set up the so-called rocker box (8 kg),
  2. Place the optical tube (9 kg) in the rocker box,
  3. attach springs on sides,
  4. slide in the finder scope,
  5. insert eyepiece.
  6. Don’t forget: remove the lid 😉


This only takes a few minutes. So it is possible to simply peek through a few gaps in the clouds every now and then. The good-natured design is also suitable for use all night long – the telescope can easily handle dew or frost.

A Crayford focuser for 1.25″ eyepieces allows you to precisely focus on the celestial object.

Because it is intuitive to use and really robust, the instrument is highly recommended for children aged 10 and over.

Like its larger siblings in the Advanced X series, the N 152/1200 can also be retrofitted with a digital “sky navigation system”, the Omegon Push+ Go system. The 6×30 finder scope is the classic way to find the objects – in combination with good celestial atlases .

Origin: the Smart Telescope from Celestron

January 25 2024, Stefan Taube

The renowned telescope manufacturer Celestron now also offers a Smart Telescope. This is a telescope with a built-in camera and a user-friendly smartphone app:

Celestron Smart Telescope S 152/335 RASA Origin

Compared to other smart telescopes, Origin has special features that you can expect from one of the most innovative manufacturers:

  • At 152 millimeters in diameter, the optics are larger than those of other telescopes of this type. As a result, the resolution is significantly higher, which has a very positive effect on globular clusters, the Moon and planets for example.
  • The optics consist of the patented RASA design. This technology from Celestron allows a particularly fast focal ratio of f/2.2 – in the same exposure time Origin delivers a significantly brighter image than other automated Smart Telescopes. In addition, the closed optics prevent dust, dirt or moisture from accumulsting on the mirror.
  • Origin is equipped with fans for the optics and electronics, a built-in heater for dew protection and a filter drawer.

As Celestron is a manufacturer by and for astronomers, Origin also allows you to use filters and edit the raw images yourself without using the integrated image editing software.


Origin is supplied with a mount based on the proven NexStar Evolution design. The single-arm mount is very stable, yet compact. It is equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery that powers the mount, the camera and – if desired – even your smartphone.

With Origin, Celestron is revolutionizing electronically assisted Astronomy, also known as EAA. EAA can not be compared to observing through a Dobsonian or to “classic” astrophotography, yet it offers another approach to Astronomy that is particularly interesting for beginners and city dwellers.

With a new particularly innovative product like Origin, it is not always easy to meet the high demand in a timely manner. Therefore our recommendation: Pre-order your Origin NOW here in our shop. We will deliver it as quickly as possible.

New Sphinx mount from Vixen: SX2WL WiFi

January 25 2024, Stefan Taube

With the SX2WL model, the Japanese manufacturer Vixen is launching a new mount in the Sphinx series.

The SX2WL is the first Sphinx mount to be equipped with a Wireless Unit. It generates a local WLAN so that the mount can be controlled via a smartphone, using the free STAR BOOK Wireless App. This App offers all the functionalities of the previous STARBOOK TEN with manual controls simply via your smartphone. This significantly reduces the power consumption of the mount!

The SX2WL is ideal for mobile astrophotography: It can carry up to 12 kilograms, but weights only 7 kilograms. Due to the design of the Sphinx mounts  the motors act as counterweights and only a light additional counterweight is required.

Like all Sphinx mounts, the SX2WL also impresses with its high quality standards Made In Japan!

You can find more information and the current price here in the shop.


January 8 2024, Stefan Rieger

Swarovski AX Visio 10x32

BEYOND SEEING – Swarovski Optik wants to usher in nothing less than a new era of wildlife observation with the launch of the AX VISIO.
The first smart binoculars that allow you to observe nature, identify what you see and share your discoveries.

Swarovski AX Visio 10x32

The AX VISIO combines classic observation with the digital world. The integrated apps allow you to identify over 9000 animal species. Birds, mammals, butterflies and dragonflies are stored in the database – not just on the basis of the picture that was taken on your smartphone. Moreover, the identification result is displayed directly in the visualization. You can also mark landmarks, pass on the binoculars and your companion will be guided to these points by arrows. The integrated compass helps with navigation. Up to 5 mobile devices can be connected to the AX VISIO. This means that your companions can also watch what you are seeing live on their smartphone or tablet. It’s the ideal function for nature hikes.

Swarovski AX Visio 10x32

The optics are based on proven Swarovision technology and show you our nature in brilliant colors with outstanding brightness and sharpness. The 10x magnification allows you to recognize numerous details.

You can already pre-order these top-notch binoculars exclusively in our shop. Delivery will start at the beginning of February.