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Up to 40% discount for curious people: entry-level microscopes for your hobby

September 1 2023, Marcus Schenk

Why not immerse yourself in the world of the microcosm this autumn? You can save up to 40% in September and October with our new promotion on entry-level microscopes.

Whether you already have some experience in microscopy, or are a complete newcomer: the microscopes in our promotion offer you everything you need. With precise optics, easy handling, and versatile functions.

The different types included in the offer

Biological microscopes are suitable for students and beginners who want to dive deep into biological structures. Binocular reflected light microscopes are ideal for coin and mineral collectors and for any larger objects you want to examine in more detail. Maybe you are a detectorist and want to take a closer look at your treasures. LCD microscopes have a screen that allows you to view your objects comfortably – without having to look through an eyepiece. Hand-held microscopes are a good choice if you are in a hurry. You will find models from this wide range included in our offer.

So, grab your new microscope at a special price – the offer is valid until 31.10.2023 or as long as stocks last.

The iOptron GEM28 on special offer in September

September 1 2023, Jan Ströher

The summer is coming to an end and in most places the holiday season is also almost over… but there are still reasons for us to look forward to the coming autumn, astronomically speaking. Firstly because it gets dark earlier, which means we have longer nights for our hobby, and secondly because the GEM28 mounts from iOptron are available at affordable prices in our special September promotion – and the full range is available from stock! The GEM28 is perfect for mobile astrophotography. It can carry up to 13kg, but its compact design and low weight means that it can be taken almost anywhere. Compared to iOptron’s centre-balanced CEM mounts, the GEM series is a classic equatorial mount featuring the latest technology and a slim design. The GEM28 has been on the market for around two years, and enjoys great popularity among both astrophotographers and visual observers who are looking for a very good EQ5-class mount.

GEM28 GoTo iPolar LiteRoc

You can save a lot of money in September on these GEM28 models:

As always, the following applies to this offer which ends on 30 September: the items included in the offer are available from stock only while stocks last!

(Promotion period 01 to 30 September 2023)

Up to 45% discount for stargazers: Omegon Advanced Dobsonian telescopes on special offer

August 7 2023, Marcus Schenk

In August and September, we are opening up a special portal to the universe for all stargazers! Our special offer on Omegon Advanced Dobsonian telescopes has arrived and invites you to connect more intensively with the stars and deep sky objects. Save up to 45% on the normal price now.

The 6-, 8- or 10-inch Omegon Advanced Dobsonian telescopes are perfect companions for visual observations. With their exceptional optics and ease of use, they are ideal for amateur astronomers who want to make the jump to a larger instrument.

  1. At 150mm and larger, the telescopes offer impressive light-gathering abilities which produce bright images of planets, star clusters and nebulae.
  2. Also suitable for use with heavy eyepieces thanks to the friction bearing system.
  3. Parabolic primary mirror for crisp images and an excellent observing experience.


Secure a Dobsonian telescope now for a special priceavailable until 30/09/2023 whilst stocks last.

August promotion: iOptron CEM40 now at reduced prices

August 2 2023, Jan Ströher

CEM stands for centre-balanced equatorial mount, that is a mount supported at its centre of gravity, thanks to its design. This means that a lighter counterweight can be used, and it offers an excellent ratio of mount weight to carrying capacity: a CEM with a relatively low own weight can carry a comparatively heavy optic.

We are now offering the CEM40 series of mounts from iOptron at reduced prices for a limited time until 31 August!

The CEM40 mount weighs just 8.2 kilogrammes, but can carry optical instruments and accessories weighing up to 18 kilogrammes. This excellent payload/weight ratio of 2.5 is the reason why the CEM40 is so versatile. You can transport them to the best dark sky observation sites, or mount them on a small column in your garden observatory.

The following models in this series are available in August at a discount:

CEM40 GoTo with LiteRoc tripod and carrying case – 63903

CEM40 GoTo LiteRoc – 62121

CEM40 GoTo with tripod – 61904

CEM40-EC GoTo high precision encoder with LiteRoc tripod – 62122

CEM40-EC GoTo high precision encoder with tripod – 61906

As always, this promotion is on a “first come, first served” basis and only as long as stocks last!

Promotion period: 01 to 31 August 2023.

Telescope Scout: telescopes for beginners in an inexpensive set

August 1 2023, Stefan Taube

We offer telescopes on our Telescope Scout magazine page featuring useful accessories that will ensure a successful start in your new night sky observation hobby.
You will save significantly compared to the sum of the individual prices of the telescope and accessories, and get a very good starter kit.

In the description for each set, you will find answers to the three most important questions:

  • Who is this telescope suitable for?
  • What can I see with it?
  • What will the extra accessories do?

We are offering the sets in the Telescope Scout pages at even lower special prices until 31 August 2023!

Find your entry-level telescope here and grab a bargain now!

Meade LX85 & LX200 on special offer

July 26 2023, Jan Ströher

From 15 July up to and including 31 August 2023, we are offering the following models in the LX85 and LX200 series from Meade at special summer-saver prices:

N 200/800 Astrograph LX85 GoTo for €2,799 instead of €3,299

This Newtonian is a compact, very fast device (f/4.0 focal ratio) for high-resolution astrophotography with short exposure times. It is especially suitable for large emission nebulae and galaxies. Despite the fast focal ratio and its optimisation for photographic purposes, it is also a pleasure to use for visual purposes – especially for deep sky objects! The large focuser with 1:10 fine adjustment ensures a bright image field and precise focusing. The secondary mirror struts are kept extra thin to cause as little obstruction in the light path as possible, which results in better contrast. With a generous 83.2 millimetre of back focus, there is enough working distance for other accessories, such as a coma corrector or filter wheel. Astrophotography with this fast focal ratio will definitely require a good coma corrector to obtain sharp and point-shaped stars across the entire field of view. A coma corrector may not be necessary for this Newtonian when combined with smaller camera sensors or for purely visual use.

The scope of delivery includes an 8×50 finderscope, a 35mm extension tube (important for visual use), a 26mm Super Plössl eyepiece, as well as a fan to ensure faster cooling for the primary mirror.

The LX85 mount is designed with mobile astrophotography in mind. With its powerful servo motors and Meade Smart Drive technology, it follows the rotation of the night sky and keeps the telescope aligned with the selected object for long exposure times – without the need for a meridian flip!

Meade LX85 Newtonian 200/800


ACF- SC 203/2032 UHTC LX85 GoTo for €3,669 instead of €4,580

With its Schmidt-Cassegrain design, this telescope leaves nothing to be desired: SC telescopes are suitable for all applications. No matter whether you want to observe planets, distant nebulae, or galaxies, whether purely visually or also for photography: anything is possible with a SC telescope!

The compact optics ensure low leverage stress on the mount and mean that the telescope is easy to transport. Focussing is carried out internally and is so adjustable that, even with astrophotography accessories attached, focusing is not a problem.

The LX85 mount is particularly lightweight and therefore ideal for mobile use either in the garden or at an observation location under particularly dark skies, and the GoTo AudioStar control helps you to correctly align the telescope and it automatically tracks your chosen observation object. This makes it ideal for beginners! The LX85 mount can be used with most commercially available telescopes up to 15kg in weight.

We have significantly reduced the prices of the following models from the  Meade LX200 series :

ACF-SC 305/3000 12″ UHTC LX200 GoTo without tripod for €6,399 instead of €7,999

ACF-SC 254/2500 10″ UHTC LX200 GoTo for €5,279 instead of €6,619

ACF-SC 305/3000 12″ UHTC LX200 GoTo for €7,679 instead of €9,589

Meade ACF-SC 203/2000 8″ UHTC LX200 GoTo telescope


ACF-SC 203/2000 8″ UHTC LX200 GoTo for €5,119 instead of €6,419

ACF-SC 203/2000 UHTC LX200 GoTo without tripod for €4,479 instead of €5,590

ACF-SC 254/2500 UHTC LX200 GoTo without tripod for €5,269 instead of €6,190

The LX200 series of telescopes are among the systems most widely used by experienced amateur astronomers. There is a good reason for this: the LX200 series combines coma-free ACF optics with a stable fork mount and modern electronics. The system is so compact that the smaller models are ideal for mobile astronomy and the larger instruments suit relatively small garden or club observatories.

In addition to the advantages of the telescopes themselves, the LX200 series offers other useful features: the primary mirror lock prevents image shift and holds focus during long exposure times. The high-quality worm gear on both axes ensures smooth running at all speeds. Thanks to SmartDrive, the periodic worm error is permanently corrected (PPEC).

All models covered by this summer sale are available from stock! This promotion is valid until 31 August 2023 only while stocks last!

Well-proven 10-inch Dobsonian from Skywatcher now available in an inexpensive set

July 25 2023, Stefan Taube

For some years now, the manufacturer Skywatcher has been featuring the Skyliner Classic series: well-proven and highly popular telescopes in the Dobsonian design. They offer great optical performance for very little money because the substructure, affectionately known as a rocker box, is relatively inexpensive.

We have put together the Skyliner Classic Dobsonian Set for you, which is even more inexpensive! The set comprises:

You get the largest telescope in the series, the 10-inch version, which features a 254 millimetre primary mirror, additional eyepieces, a filter for observing the Moon, and a practical laser to quickly collimate the telescope optics – and you save €108.85 on the cost of the individual parts!

All Skyliner Classic Dobsonians impress not only with their optics, but also with their standard equipment: two eyepieces, finderscope, eyepiece holder, carrying handle, and ascension axis tension fine adjustment are standard on all models!

More information, prices and options for ordering for all models can be found here in our shop!

CONOTECH thermal imaging cameras on special offer

July 11 2023, Stefan Rieger

These CONOTECH thermal imaging cameras and modules are on special offer for a short time only. Take advantage of discounts of up to 30%, but only while stocks last!

To ensure that you do not buy a pig in a poke, we would like to briefly introduce these devices to you:


CONOTECH Tracer LRF hand-held devices with built-in laser rangefinder

Products in the Tracer LRF series are available with 25mm, 35mm and 50mm focal lengths, the product features are otherwise the same. The VOx sensor has a resolution of 384×288 pixels. The pixel pitch is 17 microns and the NETD is less than 35 millikelvin. This ensures an above-average image quality in this price category. The integrated OLED monitor offers a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. The frame rate is 50Hz, which is in line with today’s standard. All devices offer a 2x/4x digital zoom.

Six different colour palettes represent the image in different ways:

  • C1 = BH or black hot: the warmest sites are shown as black
  • C2 = WH or white hot: the warmest sites are shown as white
  • C3 = RH or red hot: the colour temperature display ranges from black to white with the warmest sites displayed in red
  • C4 = CG or cold green: the cooler the site, the brighter green the display
  • C5 = GB or glow bow: the display is in red-orange tones and becomes brighter as the heat signature of the object becomes warmer
  • C6 = RB or rainbow: the image is blue with red colours indicating the warmest objects

The RB and CG modes especially easy on the eyes, because they do not produce as much glare. Another interesting feature of these thermal imaging cameras is the built-in rangefinder. Using modern laser measurement technology, the range of objects up to a distance of around 1,000 meters can be determined. The accuracy is +/- 1 metre and rangefinding is available from a distance of 5 metres from the measured object. Photos and videos can be captured on the internal memory and transferred to a mobile device or PC over WiFi or a USB cable. Control via the mobile device is also possible, as well as a live view on the display of the connected smartphone or tablet.

Let’s take a closer look at the individual models:

CONOTECH Tracer LRF 25 PRO has a 25mm focal length with 2.4x optical magnification. The detection range is around 720 metres for an object the size of a wild boar.
Special price of €1,299 instead of the recommended retail price of €1,790

CONOTECH Tracer LRF 35 PRO, 35mm focal length, 3.3x optical magnification, detection range approx. 1,020 metres.
Special price of €1,539 instead of the recommended retail price of €2,190

CONOTECH Tracer LRF 50 PRO, 50mm focal length, 3.9x optical magnification, detection range approx. 1,450 metres and therefore the specialist for stalking wild boar across large field areas.
Special price of €2,299 instead of the recommended retail price of €2,690

CONOTECH Artemis 35 bundle

CONOTECH Artemis 35 thermal imaging attachment bundle

This set comprising attachment, charging cradle with USB-A connection, and two Panasonic 18500 batteries also has a VOx sensor with 384×288 pixels and a pitch of 12 micrometres. The NETD is below 25 millikelvin. The field of view at 100m is 13.2 metres. The OLED display has a resolution of 1024×768 pixels. This device also features 6 colour modes, which are identical to the aforementioned hand-held unit.

Operation is via a side-mounted joystick button. This may take some getting used to initially, but you will quickly appreciate the advantage of not having to search for the right button. If you plan to attach this device to your daytime optical instrument, you will need a suitable adapter with a M43x0.75 connection thread.

Our special price for this set is 2,159 instead of the recommended retail price of €2,749.70.

Now it is time to grab yourself a bargain, to ensure that your next nocturnal hunt will be a success. We wish you “good hunting” always.

Omegon Basic EQ telescopes: take your first trip to the stars at a bargain price

July 6 2023, Marcus Schenk

Have you always dreamed of discovering for yourself the Moon, the planets and even nebula? With your own telescope? Then we have the perfect opportunity for you! For July only, we are offering exclusive discounts on our Omegon EQ telescopes for beginners.

You can easily track objects in the sky with these telescopes, thanks to their equatorial mounts, allowing you to enjoy amazing observations. How about being able to see Saturn with its rings, immerse yourself in Jupiter with its moons, or marvel at three-dimensional lunar craters? These telescopes offer you images that you could never see with the naked eye alone. And best of all: you can now save up to 20% on telescopes from the Omegon Basic series.

Choose from a selection of telescopes on different mounts, such as the EQ-1, EQ-2, EQ-3 or EQ-4. These models vary in price and the stability they offer.

Visit our website now and secure your first beginners’ telescope. This promotion only applies until 31 July 2023. So grab yourself a bargain now!

AstroFest 2023 in London: why it’s worth a visit

February 1 2023, Marcus Schenk

If you’re an astronomy fan, you really shouldn’t miss this. The European AstroFest 2023 is taking place in London once again! On 3rd and 4th February, you’ll get the chance to experience all those products that make every observer’s heart beat a little faster.

We will be there too with our Omegon stand. You can experience our latest products live and up close.



Here’s a selection of the highlights:

MiniTrack: you can become an astrophotographer in the blink of an eye; the MiniTrack Astrotracker only needs a tripod and your own camera. With it, you’re ready in an instant to start shooting amazing nightscape pictures.

Neptune fork mount: you’ll be able to observe the night sky with your large binoculars more comfortably than ever before with the Omegon Neptune fork mount. This mount delivers superior stability, giving you the flexibility to reach any target in the sky. With an optional tripod, your binoculars become a solid observation station for the most amazing observing evenings.

Kolossus: the Omegon Kolossus is a new parallelogram mount for large binoculars. With it, observing stars is a pleasurable experience. You’ll feel as if your binoculars are weightless and almost floating in the air. This is achieved by a three-part swivel arm, 360-degree rotation, and a mechanism allowing you to perfectly balance your binoculars. For relaxed and fascinating observations that are simply more fun.

But: there’s plenty more to discover around the subject of astronomy at our stand!

What is AstroFest?
AstroFest is an annual astronomy event, rather like a trade fair, where astronomy enthusiasts from all over the world come together in London. Here you can listen to lectures from experts, discover countless telescopes and accessories, and take a closer look at the latest developments in the astronomy marketplace. If you’ve never been before, why not come along to the city on the Thames?

We look forward to seeing you!


The address:

Kensington Conference and Events Centre
The Town Hall, Hornton Street
London, W8 7NX