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July 2 2024, Stefan Rieger

Swarovski Optik

To mark the 75th anniversary since Swarovski Optik was founded, the prices of some items have been reduced. The prices of the following products have been reduced:

Swarovski binoculars of the EL series with 42mm, the EL RANGE series with 42mm objective lens diameter and the NL Pure series with 32 and 42mm objective lens diameter.

Take advantage of the anniversary prices and order now!


June 19 2024, Stefan Rieger

ZEISS Secacam SetFrom now on you can save on multiple packs and sets, including useful accessories, for the ZEISS Secacam models 5 & 7.

This link will take you directly to the various set offers!

iOptron CEM40 + GEM45: Now at great bargain prices

June 1 2024, Jan Ströher

Take a look at the impressive technology of the iOptron CEM40 and GEM45 mounts, now available at reduced prices for a limited time. Convince yourself of their versatile features and excellent weight-to-payload ratio.

The iOptron GEM45 mount has a sleek design and an excellent weight-to-payload ratio, plus an integrated electronic polar finder, user-friendly locking levers, internal cable management, a versatile self-centering saddle, an energy-saving stepper motor drive system and an advanced GoTo system with over 212,000 objects plus optional Wi-Fi.

The CEM40 weighs just 8.2kg, but can support optical instruments and accessories up to 18kg. This impressive ratio of 2.5 between payload capacity and weight makes the CEM40 so versatile. You can transport it to the best observation sites under dark skies or set it up on a small pier in your backyard observatory.

We are having the iOptron CEM40 and GEM45 mounts on sale until 31 July!

Make your choice now. As long as supplies last!

Up to 35% off large binoculars: discover the starry sky with Omegon

June 1 2024, Marcus Schenk

Are you a hobby astronomer or nature watcher looking for a pair of binoculars that will reveal every detail? Then take advantage of our special offers on large binoculars and save up to 35% for a limited period only.

Vividly experience the beauty of the universe with Omegon binoculars. Or, when observing nature, bring distant objects up close. On a stable tripod, these binoculars with their large objective lens diameter will reveal the full light-gathering capability that only binoculars with lenses of 50mm or more can deliver.

A short overview of the binocular series: bargains for June and July

Explore nature by day and by night with Brightsky binoculars. At up to 100mm in diameter, their large, multi-coated objective lenses collect plenty of light – even at dusk. Choose between 45° angled eyepieces for nature watching, or 90° for observing the stars. The magnesium housing ensures that your binoculars are particularly lightweight, and it is waterproof and nitrogen-purged. Brightsky binoculars combine well with a sturdy tripod or with the Omegon Colossus mount.


Ultra-light binoculars for observing stars and nature. With its magnesium housing, it is lightweight and perfect for outdoor use. Thanks to BAK-4 prisms and multi-coating, you will enjoy crisp contrast combined with high edge sharpness. Argus binoculars are comfortable to use, even for spectacles wearers. The eyepieces are individually focusable for stable, balanced sharpness.

Nightstar is the entry-level series of binoculars designed for observing the night sky. The already well-priced but good-quality binoculars are now even more of a bargain. An insider’s tip is the popular 20+40×100 binoculars: with these you can really dive deep into the starry sky.

Take a look at our low prices on astronomy binoculars – only until the end of July 2024.


Discover the Apo summer: up to 32% discount on Omegon apochromats!

June 1 2024, Marcus Schenk

The summer temperatures do not only bring fresh greens and landscapes in bloom, but also an astronomical discount campaign. Look forward to up to 32% discount on our first-class Omegon apochromats – the perfect addition to your astrophotographic equipment.

The right time for an Apochromat

The nights are getting warmer again, giving many amateur astronomers the idea of spending time under the stars. This time of year is a wonderful time to go galaxy hunting. With our Omegon Apochromats – including excellent sharpness and field correction – you can capture even the smallest details of the Universe.

Triangulum galaxy, Messier 33, Pedro Moreno & Carlos Malagon, 104/650 ED Triplet, Atik460EX 

M33 galaxy by Pedro Moreno & Carlos Malagon with the Omgeon APO 104/650 ED Triplet and Atik 460EX

A stable mount is essential for your telescope. iOptron mounts are proven to be reliable partners for the Omegon APOs. Now is the perfect time to take your hobby to the next level – with an Omegon Apochromat of your choice.

Take advantage of this now: These low prices are only available until 07/31/2024.

Skywatcher telescopes at a special price – ideal for beginners!

May 27 2024, Stefan Taube

You can now purchase selected Skywatcher telescopes at a special price:

Take advantage of these favourable prices now for your entry into astronomy: The offer is only valid while stocks last!

By the way, we also offer other telescopes and mounts from Skywatcher at a special price: You can find all items here in the shop!

Celestron RASA 800 AVX with autoguider: A powerful package for astrophotography!

May 13 2024, Stefan Taube

The Celestron brand has put together a package comprising the f/2.2 RASA 800 astrograph, the tried-and-tested Advanced VX mount and the new StarSense autoguider camera.

Save money with the set: Celestron Astrograph S 203/400 RASA 800 AVX autoguider

RASA stands for Rowe-Ackermann-Schmidt-Astrograph:

  • Super-fast optics for extremely short exposure times!
  • Excellent focussing mechanism!
  • Quiet 12V MagLev fan allows optimal air cycle in the tube

The StarSense autoguider offers many advantages:

  • Automatic alignment and support during polar alignment
  • Precise GoTo: Improves the positioning accuracy of your Celestron mount!
  • Autoguiding: Tracks celestial objects precisely, for pinpoint stars even on long-exposure astrophotos!

You do not need a separate laptop for the StarSense autoguider, but can simply operate it via the NexStar hand control.

As a set you save money compared to the sum of the individual prices! The offer is only valid until 15 June 2024, grab it now here in the shop!


May 8 2024, Stefan Rieger

Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS 12x28

Most people know the problem: you often want to see more details, but you don’t want to take a spotting scope with you. And binoculars with a higher magnification are so wobbly that the magnification advantage cannot be utilised. For this reason, binoculars with an image stabiliser have been developed.

Now we can offer you the Fujinon Techno-Stabi TS 12×28 at a special price for a short time.

Enjoy unblurred observations and grab them quickly!

250 € voucher for free: with the purchase of an Omegon 84mm HD spotting scope

May 8 2024, Marcus Schenk

Experience nature up close: The Omegon Zoom-Spotting Scope ED 20-60x84mm HD makes it possible. This high-quality spotting scope shows the beauty of wildlife right before your eyes.

For a limited time we are offering a 250 EUR voucher with the purchase of an Omegon Zoom-Spotting Scope ED 20-60x84mm HD. Take this exclusive opportunity for the enhancement of your nature observations!

• With an 84mm objective lens opening excellent observations are possible, even at dusk when the contrast in basic spotting scopes begins to fade. The ED optics ensure crystal-clear vision with brighter images.

• Simply practical: Combine the Omegon spotting scope with any 1.25-inch eyepieces. For example with a simple 15mm eyepiece you will achieve a wide view with 32x magnification – an experience otherwise known only from astronomical telescopes.

This is the main reason why this spotting scope of our Omegon model range has been a popular companion for nature observers for quite a long time now.

Act now and safe yourself this exceptional spotting scope including a 250 EUR voucher!

Please not that this offer is only valid from May 1st until July 31st, 2024. The voucher is redeemable until December 31st, 2027. Available only while supplies last!


April 22 2024, Stefan Rieger

For a short time, we have reduced the sales prices for many of the top brands by 10%!

E.g. for binoculars and scopes of the brands ZEISS, Leica, Swarovski, Fujinon, Meopta, Nikon, Steiner, Kowa, DDoptics, Minox, Hawke

So take advantage and benefit from our special prices!