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April 22 2024, Stefan Rieger

For a short time, we have reduced the sales prices for many of the top brands by 10%!

E.g. for binoculars and scopes of the brands ZEISS, Leica, Swarovski, Fujinon, Meopta, Nikon, Steiner, Kowa, DDoptics, Minox, Hawke

So take advantage and benefit from our special prices!

Act now: Get the ProNewton N 153/750 EQ-500 X and secure a 250 Euro voucher!

April 19 2024, Marcus Schenk

Standing under the stars and exploring the vast universe: A dream that can become reality with the ProNewton N 153/750 EQ-500 X. This powerful telescope brings the stars right into your backyard!

For a limited time, when you purchase a ProNewton N 153/750 EQ-500 X, you will receive a voucher worth 250 EUR as a gift. An opportunity you should not miss.

  • The primary mirror with a 153 mm aperture captures so much light that you can discover faint deep-sky objects like gas nebulae or brilliantly beautiful star clusters.
  • The EQ-500 X mount allows for precise manual tracking thanks to the integrated ball bearings. Combined with the optics, you get a very stable overall system that brings joy with every observation.

This Newtonian telescope rightfully carries the “Pro” in its name, as its craftsmanship stands out significantly from the usual beginner optics. Now is the time to observe the Moon and fascinating details on the planets in high quality.

Buy now and get a a 250 EUR shopping voucher with this high-quality telescope.

But beware: The promotion is only valid until 30.06.2024.
The voucher can be redeemed until 31.12.2027. Only while supplies last.

Vaonis Vespera I for a reduced special price now!

April 17 2024, Jan Ströher

Vespera is your new observation station, the perfect combination of telescope and camera. Smart and fully automated, the wonders of the Universe are now accessible to all with ease. Explore and observe the night sky, take your own photos of celestial objects, learn about the Cosmos, and share your discoveries in one place.

Have you ever wanted to catch the stars? This observation stations allow you to photograph the Cosmos at the touch of a button. Vespera integrates the technology allowing you to observe and shoot deep-sky objects effortlessly. You can now immortalize galaxies, nebulae, clusters and much more.

Vespera I Smart Telescope by vaonis

Vespera’s companion app offers educational content making the experience of observation more interactive and exciting. You can now discover the many secrets and stories that make the Universe so fascinating.

Vespera redesigns the experience of observation. Watching the stars through our mobile app allows you to fly accross the vastness of the Universe all together with your friends or family. Connect up to 5 mobile devices to your station with the multi-user mode, then share your discoveries in Ultra-HD on social networks. You can now share your passion with everyone.


Grab your Vespera I now for a special sales price of EUR 1.199 – only as long as stock supplies last!

Meade LX200 Sale until June 30th

April 15 2024, Jan Ströher

The LX200 series of telescopes are among the systems most widely used by experienced amateur astronomers. There is a good reason for this: The LX200 series combines coma-free ACF optics with a stable fork mount and modern electronics. The system is so compact that the smaller models are ideal for mobile astronomy and the larger instruments suit relatively small garden or club observatories.

In addition to the advantages of the telescopes themselves, the LX200 series offers other useful features: the primary mirror lock prevents image shift and holds focus during long exposure times. The high-quality worm gear on both axes ensures smooth running at all speeds. Thanks to SmartDrive, the periodic worm error is permanently corrected (PPEC).

From April 15th up to June 30th, 2024, the models of the Meade LX200 series can be purchased at a special price! While stocks last…

Easter gifts for nature lovers!

March 11 2024, Stefan Taube

Celebrate the start of the most beautiful season with us! Make yourself and your loved ones happy!

We offer selected gifts for young nature lovers and old hands alike:


For walks and hikes in Springtime:

If you have binoculars with you, you can see more. Nature comes closer. We offer a wide range of binoculars for nature and bird watching.

  • A monocular fits in every pocket and is quickly to hand for a closer look at animals or plants:

Omegon Orange 8×42 monocular

  • Binoculars with a roof prism are also compact, but allow comfortable binocular viewing. With 42 millimetre lenses, the Talron 8×42 is bright enough to provide a clear image even in dark forests or at dusk:

Omegon Talron HD 8×42


For a view at the Stars:

In spring, the nights are no longer freezing cold, but they are still relatively long and dark. This is the ideal time to start observing the sky!

  • Until 31 March you will receive an additional voucher of 100,- Euro with the purchase of a Omegon Telescope AC 90/1000 EQ-2. This allows you to order additional accessories now or at a later date.

Omegon Telescope AC 90/1000 EQ-2 + voucher at a Value of 100 Euro

  • Many nature lovers got their first taste of sky observation with a Skywatcher Dobsonian telescope. These telescopes are reasonably priced for their size and easy to use. We offer all models in this successful telescope series:



Be inspired by our ideas and discover the reawakening of nature!

Browse through our Easter gift ideas and give yourself and your loved ones a little treat!


March 8 2024, Stefan Rieger

Kahles Helia TI+ Offer

Especially when hunting wild boar at night, thermal imaging cameras are an accessory that no hunter would want to miss these days. Moreover, a thermal imaging camera can also highly support you in searching other animals, like fawns in the grass, hares and rabbits in the field or birds in the bushes.

For all those who are not yet equipped or do already have an outdated device, we can currently make a great offer!
The Kahles Helia TI 18+ and TI35+ Thermal Imaging cameras for € 1980! This means more than 30% discount compared to the former recommended retail price of € 2950.

Both models have high-resolution thermal sensors with 640×512, a pixel size of 12µm and a temperature resolution of < 20 Millikelvin. They differ in the lens used and therefore in their magnification, field of view and intended use.

The Kahles HELIA TI18+ has a focal length of 17.5mm and a field of view of 44m/100m, making it the expert for forest hunters. The Kahles HELIA TI35+ offers 35mm and a 2x basic magnification. The field of view is 22m/100m and the maximum range is over 2400 meters. This makes it an all-rounder for forest and field hunting.

Go for it! This great offer is valid until July 30th, 2024!

Top offer: Omegon Nightstar Large Binoculars + 250 Euro voucher for free!

March 6 2024, Marcus Schenk

Immerse yourself in observing the sky with two eyes and discover how a three-dimensional starry sky appears.

The Omegon Nightstar 20+40 x 100mm large binoculars are your key to impressive observations. Lift off with two 100mm lenses and navigate through the vastness of Space with equipment that will thrill you during every clear night. The best part of it: When you purchase these special large binoculars, you will receive a 250 Euro voucher from Astroshop – absolutely for free.

1) Whether you want to observe the surface of the Moon with its cratered landscape, Jupiter with its moons or distant nebulae and star clusters – the Omegon Nightstar offers you a particularly high light intensity with its generous 100mm lens diameter. It captures about 200 times more light than the naked eye.

2) With two interchangeable eyepiece pairs for 20x and 40x magnification you can observe more individually than with fixed eyepieces of other models. Another advantage is: You can also use other 1.25 inch (31.75 mm) eyepieces to further optimize your observation.

The 250 Euro voucher included in your package will definitely round up your purchase of these large binoculars. Whether you want to invest this in additional eyepieces, a good fork mount or other high-quality accessories, this voucher will bring you closer to your desired equipment. Important to know: Of course you can use the voucher for any product in our store. It is valid until December 31, 2027.

Act quickly to take advantage of this rare offer and get your large binoculars plus a 250 Euro voucher that will make every stargazing session a hit. Valid until April 30, 2024 and while supplies last.

Vaonis Vespera I now 10% off

February 21 2024, Jan Ströher

The first Vespera model from vaonis is now available for the special price of € 1349.-, so a 10% discount on the regular price. This offer is only valid for item #74053 and of course while supplies last! A smart telescope combines modern telescope technology and sensor technology in an easy-to-use system.

Vespera combines the following characteristics in a highly portable telescope:

Quadruplet Apochromatic Refractor: Vaonis has designed a unique quadruplet lens of 50mm, formed by 2 groups of 2 lenses made with lanthanum glass. Vespera optics is one of the most accurate and powerful optical designs on the market with minimal distorsion, chromatic aberration or astigmatism.

Highly sensitive Sony sensor: Vespera uses one the lastest Sony sensors developed for extreme low light. Its back-illuminated CMOS sensor offers a 1/2.8 format and a 2.9um pixel size. Vaonis also developed their own electronic card to make sure that heat management stays optimal. A hot sensor means a lot of defects, so the sensor board is designed to dissipate the maximum amount of heat.

Singularity App: Your guide to reach the stars. Singularity is your control room, the place where you decide everything. Very intuitive and user friendly, you can easily access any stellar object of our catalog. You will get personalized recommendations on what to observe according to your geolocation and the astronomical calendar, and notes about the secrets of the Cosmos. Singularity guides you each step of the way on your journey to reach the stars.

Get your own smart observation station now with the special offer price for the vaonis Vespera I!

On galaxy hunt: Get your Omegon Advanced X Dobson now at a Spring discount

February 20 2024, Marcus Schenk

Imagine a clear Spring night, countless stars twinkling in the sky, and you are ready to explore the depths of the Universe. With a telescope that captures the light of distant galaxies and ignites your spirit of exploration.

For a limited time we are now offering you the Omegon Advanced Dobson X telescopes at interesting prices. With apertures of 203mm, 254mm, and up to 304mm, these light-gathering giants allow you to dive deep into the wonders of Space.

Save yourself a 10% discount on the 10- and 12-inch models and even a 17% discount on the 8-inch model!

These robust companions are known not only for their easy handling, but also for their outstanding quality. The simple construction and intuitive maneuvering of Dobson telescopes allow you to quickly get started with observations without losing valuable hours being involved in complicated preparations.

  • The precisely adjustable Crayford focuser provides you with the necessary comfort and focusing accuracy, even when it comes to higher magnifications.
  • The parabolic primary mirror guarantees sharp and detailed images – from the craters of the Moon to the spiral arms of distant galaxies.

As a hobby Astronomer you know that choosing the right telescope for observation is crucial. With the Omegon Advanced Dobson X telescopes you are making a choice that not only satisfies your desire for gathering knowledge, but also makes the splendor of night sky journeys tangible for visual observers.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! The spring promotion is valid only until March 31, 2024 and while supplies last…

Ticket to the Stars: Omegon Telescope AC 90/1000 EQ-2 with 100 Euro Voucher

February 20 2024, Marcus Schenk

Imagine being able to not only admire the night sky above us, but also explore it in detail with your own eyes.
Similar to an observatory, but from your own backyard. The AC 90/1000 EQ-2 refractor telescope helps in getting
started with a lot of fun.

Now with a great special: For a limited time, you can get a 100 euro shopping voucher for every product you like in our store.

  • With its 90mm aperture this telescope is so light-gathering that you can make fascinating observations within the
    Solar System and beyond.
  • The stable mount ensures a smooth and precise tracking of objects, while you explore the Moon, the Rings of
    Saturn or the Polar Caps of Mars. Are you ready to discover your passion for the Universe?

Imagine the amazed faces when you and your family admire sharp-edged lunar craters together, making it appear as if
you were floating over the surface in a spaceship.

Better accessories enhance every telescope
With the 100 euro voucher that you receive with your delivery, you can invest in high-quality accessories, for example, because additional eyepieces or filters turn a basic set into a telescope tailored to your needs.

You’re not sure what to choose? Then simply let our experts advise you.

Let the product reviews from our customers convince you of this telescope.

Being quick is worth it: Grab this special offer right away and enjoy the Omegon AC 90/1000 EQ-2 with a 100 Euro
voucher. Promotion valid until March 31, 2024 – voucher usable until 31.12.2027. While stocks last.