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Infographic: understanding lunar eclipses

26th September 2014, Guy-André Pierre-Nicolas


Maybe at some point of your life, you already looked up to the sky and contemplated a red moon. Sometimes called blood moon, this spectacle of nature is fascinating people of all ages. Some ones see in this phaenomenon a divine sign, others simply consider it as a romantic scene, and others look at it with scientific curiosity - like us. Let’s learn more about the why and how eclipses occur, and how to observe and photograph them in the best conditions with this explanatory infographic.

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Share This Image On Your Website



Now that you know almost every scientific facts about the phaenomenon of total lunar eclipses and the information regarding the tetrad we’re currently experiencing, only one thing remains for you to do : get prepaired to contemplate and take pictures of the next observable eclipse in your area.



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