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Lumicon Deep Sky filter 1.25''

Product no.: 6738
Manufacturer: Lumicon

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Lumicon Deep Sky filter 1.25''
Lumicon Deep Sky filter 1.25''
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Product description:

In the case that this article currently is not available from the warehouse, please note the following: we order from this supplier in regular intervals. Please place your order now, so that we may take into account your order and deliver the article to you by the above-mentioned date. If you need the article earlier, we can rush it for you for an additional price. In this case, please contact our customer service department.

The best pollution filter on the light market today. block all high & low pressure mercury and sodium vapor lamp light, neon lights and airglow, while transmitting the remainder of OF the visible spectrum. Excellent for both visual and photographic applications. Visually, the Deep Sky filter is most useful more under light polluted skies, from where it reveals faint objects like star cluster, galaxies, nebulae and comets by darkening the background OF space. Photographically, the Deep Sky filter enables deep space photo ton through town center lights and of block natural airglow RKs taken dark sky sites, thus improving results in film and CCD astrophotography.

Ton ensure that your Lumicon filter remains the World's Best, the strictest quality control standard of acres employed throughout the production process. Each Lumicon Deep Sky filter is individually inspected and proudly inscribed with the percentage OF light transmittance OF the primary emission LINEs.

Two images of comet Lovejoy near NGC 457, taken at 200mm focal length and 1.5 minutes exposure time. Both images were taken on the same night from the, extremely light polluted, city of Leverkusen. The image on the left was taken without a filter, and that on the right using a Lumicon Deep Sky filter. The difference could not be clearer!

© Dr. Tim Laußmann/Leverkusen

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