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AstroReality NASA Space Mug

Product no.: 62990
Manufacturer: AstroReality

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AstroReality NASA Space Mug
AstroReality NASA Space Mug
AstroReality NASA Space Mug
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Product description:

AstroReality NASA Space Mug

Hard work and innovation, requires time and dedication. NASA Space Mug will be with you and inspire you with the future you are creating.

NASA’s 60th Anniversary

The beautifully embossed classic NASA - insignia on the packaging is designed for commemorating the 60th Anniversary of NASA. The Space Mug gives you views from 500 million square kilometers up in the atmosphere, looking down on our blue planet from the iconic International Space Station.

Looking at Planet - Earth from an Astronaut’s View

Get in touch with space in daily life. Scan NASA Space Mug through our AstroReality Explorer app, and have a simulated spaceship experience. All data comes from NASA and USGS high-definition satellite photos, covering the entire surface of the Earth.

Share the Same Perspective with NASA

The Amazon Rainforest, the Vatnajokull National Park in Iceland, the Himalayas, the Grand Canyon in the United States… All the stunning natural scenery, more than 200 countries and regions, and the fascinating beauty of more than 10,000 cities will slowly pass in front of your eyes. A funny gadget for every space enthusiast or astronomer. Suitable for dishwasher and microwave.

Please note: the QR code to activate the AR function is only valid once. This means that you can only use the product with one smartphone.

With the newest Augmented Reality Technology you can now easily enjoy beautiful satellite photos taken from the ISS - without every leaving earth.

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