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Panorama II 2'', 21mm eyepiece

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Product description

More about the series Panorama II...

100 degree eyepieces - panoramic view with high-quality image

Omegon 100 degree eyepieces give you a huge field of view, with sharp stars right out to the edge. Take in huge star fields and extended objects within the field of view. Impressively large screens are not just for TVs, but also for the view into the night sky through your telescope.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • wide-angle eyepiece with 100° field of view
  • good edge definition - also suitable for fast telescopes (f/4)
  • high contrast - FMC coatings
  • large eye lenses - comfortable viewing
  • waterproof - for lasting good performance
  • anodised aluminium housing
  • focal lengths available in - 21mm(2"), 15mm(2"), 10mm(1.25"), 5mm(1.25")

100° degree panorama

You know what it's like looking through standard eyepieces with their rather narrow, tunnel-like fields of view - it's rather like driving through the night using only a spotlight to see where you're going. In contrast, how pleasant is it to be able to enjoy a really wide field of view - as provided by Omegon's 'panorama' eyepieces.

A 100 degrees field of view is more than the eye can take in at a glance. But what does that actually mean? - you simply don't see an edge. The night sky is boundless. You can even forget that you are looking through an eyepiece. You can let your eye wander through the field of view to see what you can discover. 100 degree eyepieces are also ideal for 'star-hopping'.

300 percent more field of view

Panorama eyepieces with their 100 degrees field of view show you 300% more of the night sky than a Ploessl eyepiece and 100% more than a 70 degree eyepiece - these types make up a large part of the wide-angle eyepieces used by observers.

Impressive contrast

You will immediately notice the sharpness and contrast when you first take a look through the eyepiece. The planet Jupiter's zones, belts and other markings are seen in wonderful detail. The high light transmission also shows more structure in deep-sky objects than standard eyepieces are able to. The lens elements have had a wafer-thin FMC coating applied - Omegon Panorama II eyepieces are now even better than their predecessors!

Every gram counts

At only between 320 and 700 grams in weight, your new eyepiece is also suitable for use with small telescopes. They are also great with Dobsonian telescopes, which have balancing problems with very heavy eyepieces.

Great for fast refractors and Newtonians too

'Good ones are kept, bad ones are chucked' - you know how it goes. That also applies to many eyepieces. Simple eyepieces show distinct edge blurring when used with fast f/5 to f/4 aperture ratio Newtonians. A wide field of view is simply unusable with such eyepieces.

The Omegon Panorama II eyepieces offer terrific edge sharpness down to an aperture ratio of f/4.5 and a good edge sharpness to f/4. What other eyepieces can boast that?


Ideally, you should not take these eyepieces with you in the bath! But if you did unintentionally submerge one, the seven to nine lens elements (depending on the model) within the eyepiece are optimally protected. The waterproof design means that neither water nor dust can get inside the housing. And when cleaning dirt and grease deposits, no water or alcohol can penetrate inside - your enjoyment of the excellent image provided remains unimpaired.

Observe even when wearing glasses

More than 50% of people wear glasses, so it was only logical to make this eyepiece also suitable for spectacle-wearers. The 21mm and 10mm eyepieces provide about 20mm of eye relief. Enough room for comfortable observing.

Additional features of Panorama II eyepieces

  • elegant, high-quality design
  • blackened lens edges
  • eyepieces in the series are homo-focal to each other - so no refocusing is necessary when changing eyepieces
  • filter thread - use a nebula filter or colour filter to observe objects even better

Our expert comment:

Tip: You can find all important information at a glance in our infographic, Your telescope needs these three eyepieces! You can find a comprehensive overview in our buyers guide [cms://shop/i_id=1617 "The big buyers guide: The best eyepiece for every telescope”]



Focal length (mm)
Apparent field of view (°)
Eye relief (mm)
Number of lenses
Connection (to the telescope)
Coating of optical system

Special features

Adjustable eyepiece cup
- (folding)
Filter thread


Panorama II
Height (mm)
Weight (g)
Diameter (mm)
Type of build

Area of application

Moon & Planets
Nebulae & galaxies

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Carry case

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Omegon Panorama II 2'', 21mm eyepiece
Omegon Panorama II 2'', 21mm eyepiece
Omegon Panorama II 2'', 21mm eyepiece

Customer reviews

Très bonne performance d'ensemble

Review by B. I. on 01.03.2024 16:28:27

( 5 / 5 )

Bon piqué même près du bord. Aussi peu de couleur latérale et de réduction de netteté qu'avec des Aero de 30 et 35mm, qui ne font que 68°! J'ai les Myriad de 3.5mm, 5mm, 7mm, 9mm et 13mm; le confort oculaire est similaire. Mais le Panorama II est plus compact et coûte un peu moins. Pas d'images fantômes. Aucune poussière interne. La boîte de transport est un simple carton mais très bien capitonné. Les filtres se vissent sans grincer ni caler. Finition du métal et du caoutchouc nette, aucune irrégularité dans l'antireflet. L'intérieur est bien noirci. Le lettrage est gravé directement dans le métal et ne s'effacera pas.

Mais le plus important est que l'impression visuelle est agréable, et le champ entier peut être vu sans presser l'oeil trop près.

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