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Baader Sun filter foil 500x1000mm

Product no.: 2719
Manufacturer: Baader

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Baader Sun filter foil 500x1000mm
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Manufacturer's product description:

Please note: This product is currently not available in the US.

It's always very pleasant to observe the Sun, not only during solar eclipses. The number of sunspots changes permanently, as well as their shape and size. Depending on magnification, you may even be able to discern the core and boundary areas of a sunspot (umbra and penumbra). The one essential condition for any solar observation is to reduce the sunlight to under 1/100.000 of its normal brightness, which is a no risk amount for the eyes. The Astro-Solar sun filter foil meets that standard. Simply fitted to the front of the telescope tube, this foil doesn't fall short of pricey plane-parallel glass filters in any way. The coating is subjected to permanent quality control. The multiple metal coating of the foil produces a remarkably even filter effect.

Technical data:

  • sheet size: 50x100 cm
  • filter efficiency: 99.999%
  • sheet thickness: 0.012 mm
  • absolutely clear and bubble-free substrate (non-Mylar)
  • instrument requirements: for telescopes of up to 450mm aperture
  • quality mark: CE

Included in delivery: 1 sheet, incl. instructions

Our expert comment:

AstroSolar solar filter foil can be used to make your own filter attachment. The producers of the foil also make ready-made filters for different sizes of aperture and for different instruments:

(Stefan Taube)

Total solar eclipse

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