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Product no.: 18852

2'' coma corrector for Newtonian telescopes

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Product description

Skywatcher Coma Corrector (2”) for Newtonian Reflectors

Delivers stunning wide-field views with pinpoint stars to the edge of the field. Optimised for all Sky-Watcher fast-ratio f/5 Newtonian Reflectors / Dobsonians, with 2” focuser. Does not alter magnification . Supplied complete with necessary adaptors for visual use. For imaging use with a DSLR camera, a suitable T-2 (M48x0.75) adaptor is required to match your camera.



Flatteners, Correctors, Reducers
Type of build
Coma corrector

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Omegon M48/T2 adapter – short version

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Skywatcher 2'' coma corrector for Newtonian telescopes

Customer reviews

Bad reflections

Review by M. D. on 01.06.2019 08:39:54

( 1 / 5 )

I can confirm S. P.'s experience with this Coma Corrector. The optics itself work as intended, they correct the coma perfectly on my f/5 newt. However, it's not anti-reflection coated. I can't recommend this product at this time.


Review by S. P. on 07.02.2016 10:01:46

( 1 / 5 )

I bought this corrector to use it with my 130pds and 200pds OTAs.
Even though it does its job (coma correcting) pretty well it produces bright reflections in every image if you are shooting a bright object.
I have tried imaging without the corrector, with the same setup (scope-camera) and there are no reflections. A friend of mine (same cc, 130pds, different camera) has exactly the same problem.
Since this cc is supposed to be dedicated for the pds line i think this is unacceptable.
I wouldn't recommend it if you plan imaging bright objects (for example IC1805 was fine since its a very faint target (and i used a filter), M45 came out pretty bad, large purple doughnuts all over the place, M31 the same, a big purple line)

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