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ZWO Guidescope 30mm mini
ZWO Guidescope 30mm mini
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Product description:

This compact guiding scope fits all current viewfinder shoes, including those by Skywatcher, TS-Optics, GSO, Vixen and Celestron. The guide sleeve is simply installed instead of the finderscope. This makes the connection to your telescope as simple as can be.

Autoguider adaptation is also unproblematic. The focus can be adjusted between 0mm and 20mm from the T2 thread by turning the lens This means all current autoguiders and cameras with T2 connections are compatible. With an optional T2 to 1.25” adapter, you can also use the compact autoguider with 1.25” casing. Clamping is achieved using both knurled screws and a clamping ring.

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