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Omegon Pro 1.25'' H-alpha filter

Product no.: 47298
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Pro 1.25'' H-alpha filter
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Product description:

Omegon pro H-alpha 12nm filter - deep sky photos in H-alpha light

Young stars embedded in the bright red of a nebula - an H-alpha filter is the expert if you want to capture hydrogen nebulae in all their glory. With a bandpass of 12nm, only light above 650nm is allowed into your camera - whether under dark skies or under the sky glow of a city. That means the filter also blocks the infamous stray light and light from mercury and sodium vapour lamps.

Omegon pro filter with its own test certificate

You benefit from the fact that each Omegon pro nebula filter has been fully tested by us and comes with its own test certificate. This certificate is proof of the quality of your filter.

This sturdy box keeps the filter safe when stored away

Every filter is tested before being sent out. You will also receive an individual test report confirming the quality of your filter.

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