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Heater strap Omegon secondary mirror heating band, large

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Product description

Heating strip for the secondary mirror - keeps your view of the night sky clear

Despite a cloudless sky, sometimes an invisible 'enemy' is lurking - high humidity. Your telescope optics will then fog up faster than you would like. A fine, mist-like layer lays forming on your secondary mirror means your night's observing is over. Keep dew in check with an Omegon heating strip. The heating element will always ensure a clear view. So you can enjoy clear nights from now on - regardless of the dew.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • your secondary mirror will no longer fog-up
  • easy adjustment - flexible band for a perfect fit
  • adhesive strap fastener - fixes anywhere on the top of the heater strip.
  • Cinch/RCA plug with 2 metres of cable
  • heating strip in two different sizes (12cm or 14cm) - for small and large secondary mirrors

Keep your optics from fogging-up

Simply connect to a suitable power source using the lead with the Cinch/RCA plug supplied. A 12V DC supply evenly distributes the energy to the strip at just 0.2 Watts per centimetre. The heating strip effectively keeps the temperature just a few degrees above the ambient temperature, just enough to ensure that dew no longer has a chance to form. It also uses minimal energy, hence sparing your battery.

The heating cable can also be connected to a pulse controller to save energy. Tip - we recommend using the Omegon controller as an accessory for dew shield heating. This allows you to connect two heating cables at once and adjust the power to them individually.

Why do optics fog-up?

Anyone who wears glasses knows from personal experience exactly what effect dew has on an optical surface. A sudden fine mist of water forms on your spectacles when you come into a warm room out of the cold - the warm air condenses onto the cold glass surface. Exactly the same thing happens on the surfaces of your telescope optics. When your optics cool down, condensed water settles onto its surfaces - time to clear the view!

Omegon strip heaters provide you with longer observing sessions. And, when other stargazers are giving up and packing up their telescopes, you can continue observing for just as long as you want!



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Heater strap Omegon secondary mirror heating band, large
Heater strap Omegon secondary mirror heating band, large
Heater strap Omegon secondary mirror heating band, large

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