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LED LENSER Headlamp SEO7R Black

Product no.: 63315
Manufacturer: LED LENSER

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LED LENSER Headlamp SEO7R Black
LED LENSER Headlamp SEO7R Black
LED LENSER Headlamp SEO7R Black
LED LENSER Headlamp SEO7R Black
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Product description:

LED LENSER® SEO stands for a young, exciting headlamp range with bright colors, a cool design and excellent lighting power. Thanks to the spectacular packaging and innovative forms, the models are also designed to appeal to a completely new target group. The potential SEO customer is active, sporty and self-confident with their own style. The LED LENSER® SEO series does justice to the needs of this group. In addition to the shape, the lamps are characterized by their low weight and innovative functions, for example the OPTISENSE Technology of the LED LENSER® SEO 7R. An LED LENSER® SEO is as colorful and unique as the people who want to use it: Everyone can find their own color, functional scope and, at the end of the day, their own price in the SEO Series.

You know more...

For users with an environmental awareness, LED LENSER® SEO 7R is the first choice. The top model intheLED LENSER® SEO series is rechargeable, focusable and offers even more than the other models interms of lighting power.The automatic dimming function in accordance with reflected light is particularly innovative. If youoccasionally look down at a map, you do not need to manually reduce the intensity of the light. A sensorrecognizes the reflected light and automatically triggers the dimmer to prevent dazzling.The LED LENSER® SEO 7R has a modern design which unites the best functions of the series and,thanks to the rechargeable battery pack, is also particularly cost-efficient to operate.


Advanced Focus System
LED LENSER patented system focus

  • Focused: More light in focus.
    Advantage: Improved long-distance light (focus position). When in focus position, the reflector focuses light to the front just like any ordinary reflector (mirror). But while conventional reflectors scatter the light beam, here it is focused again by the lens. Compared to conventional reflectors, up to twice as much light within the focus.
  • Defocused: Circular Beam.
    Advantage: Circular light beam for reading and close-up range. When the diode is situated in front of the lens, it emits circular, homogeneous light that is highly functional and beautiful at the same time. Create your own light architecture with our dynamic light cone adjustment.

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