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Product no.: 47383
Manufacturer: LED LENSER

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Product description:

This flashlight series is second to none in the world. All models are handy, compact, tremendously powerful, and predestined for tactical missions because of their special technology. Since they have a tough everyday working life, police officers and security forces particularly appreciate bright, almost perfectly focusing lamps. Besides, a lamp that can also be used as a light weapon may prevent escalation. It dazzles rioters or burglars, takes them by surprise and shocks them, so that they are unable to act for a few - potentially crucial - seconds.

The partner for special uses

The LED LENSER® T7M is a tactical lighting tool designed for use by law enforcement special units. You are able to use it for defense or employ the S.O.S. function to call for rescue services. If you out as a civilian, simply select the appropriate program. In addition, the heavy duty coating ensures the highest level of friction and wear resistance. The Smart Light Technology (SLT) offered by the LED LENSER® T7M has two energy modes – regulated, constant lighting strength or continuously reducing brightness, and a longer lighting duration.


Advanced Focus System
LED LENSER patented system focus

  • Focused: More light in focus.
    Advantage: Improved long-distance light (focus position). When in focus position, the reflector focuses light to the front just like any ordinary reflector (mirror). But while conventional reflectors scatter the light beam, here it is focused again by the lens. Compared to conventional reflectors, up to twice as much light within the focus.
  • Defocused: Circular Beam.
    Advantage: Circular light beam for reading and close-up range. When the diode is situated in front of the lens, it emits circular, homogeneous light that is highly functional and beautiful at the same time. Create your own light architecture with our dynamic light cone adjustment.

Speed Focus
One handed focusing

The Speed Focus mechanism is fast, reliable and in many respects superior to conventional pivot mechanisms. It helps you create new worlds of light for every occasion. In the Advanced Focus System, the LED and the reflector-lens system are aligned on one axis. In order to achieve accurate positioning of the optical units, axis positions are gauged by laser. In order to focus or defocus, the reflector-lens has to move relative to the lens. In conventional systems, this is achieved by turning the lamp head. We thought that solution way too slow and not really suitable if you want to operate the lamp with one hand. That’s why we developed Speed Focus, a onehand slide focusing mechanism. The noticeable advantage: You can switch from one light modus to another in a flash.

Smart Light Technology

2 Energy Modes:

  • Energy Saving
  • Constant Current

3 Light Programs

  • Professional
  • Easy
  • Defence

8 Light Functions

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