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Track The Stars TTS-160 Panther - Telescope rOTAtor, incl. bag

Product no.: 63504
Manufacturer: Track The Stars

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Product description:

When making long guided exposures with an alt/azimuth mount the resulting images will show the stars as arcs centered on the star used for guiding. Normally this is solved by using a field de-rotator that installs between the telescope and the camera and rotates the camera. In pricipal this works fine but it demands that guiding is done through the imaging telescope and with the guider rotating with the camera.

Take sharp, long exposure deep sky images with the TTS Telescope Rotator. The unit integrates completely with the mounting’s control system and no extra power supplies or computers are needed. Rotates the entire optical tube assembly enabling the use of piggybacked guide telescopes or imaging through piggybacked telephoto lenses.

Installation could not be more simple:

  • The dovetail on the rOTAtor is inserted in the mount dovetail saddle.
  • The telescope dovetail is inserted in the rOTAtor dovetail saddle.
  • The interface and power cable is connected between the mount and the rOTAtor.
  • The correct data for operation are created when aligning the mount.

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