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Lacerta Stand Alone Motorfokus

Product no.: 60303
Manufacturer: Lacerta

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Lacerta Stand Alone Motorfokus
Lacerta Stand Alone Motorfokus
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

LACERTA Motor Focus - Stand Alone and ASCOM compatible with camera synchronization, microstep control, temperature sensor and hand box. Reproducible positioning in the micron range, carrying power over 5kg.

Stand Alone and ASCOM Compatible Engine Focus in One: The MFOC Lacerta MotorFocus provides precise, reproducible focus of the telescope via a microstep controlled stepper motor. The engine is connected via a backlash-free coupling, everything is completely enclosed. It is on the one hand a standalone system and comes with a hand box with digital display, on the other hand it can also be used remotely. It is fully compatible with ASCOM and communicates with almost all ASCOM compatible programs via USB, making V-curves and autofocus possible. The system also has full temperature compensation capability in standalone mode as well as offset positions for various filters. With the MGEN Superguider it works optimally together, the automatic focus corrections are synchronized with the exposures - so do not take place during an exposure but in between. Possible small displacements or distortions caused by the movement of the OAZ tube during refocusing are thus avoided.

MFOC engine focus in standalone mode with handbox:

  • The GOTO function helps to reach specified positions quickly and accurately
  • Backlash compensation is a key to accurate positioning.
  • minute and max. Positions are freely programmable to avoid mechanical problems at the endpoints of the OAZ Hub
  • the temperature is displayed in 0.01 ° subdivision (with an accuracy of approx. 0.1 °). The correction factor (steps / degrees) can be easily determined and freely programmed with a simple test. The cable of the temperature sensor is long enough (about 180cm) to be mounted near the temperature sensitive part of the telescope (lens cell, mirror).
  • filter offset distances are programmable relative to the main filter, temperature compensations take these offsets into account. You can focus on all filters, and switch to any other. Offset and compensation always work together.
  • The Lacerta engine focus uses 3 speeds and automatically switches them off: microstep, full-step and multi-step.
  • If you use the Lacerta MGEN Superguider, you can loop the cable for the camera on the MotorFocus, and the MotorFocus will see the exposure signal. If a focus correction is necessary, it waits until the exposure is finished and corrects only afterwards. This avoids focus corrections during the exposure, and thus possibly associated small lateral movements of the OAZ tube and the camera (shifting).

MFOC engine focus in ASCOM mode:

  • If the Lacerta MotorFocus is controlled via ASCOM, the software used assumes all functions
  • Temperature and backlash compensation, V-curves, autofocus, whatever the software can do is feasible
  • only motor currents and direction of rotation are further regulated by the hand box and should be set correctly beforehand. Backlash and temperature compensation are disabled in the handbox (reset to zero)

The most important features:

  • remote (ASCOM) or standalone mode
  • Handbox with digital display and real-time display of all relevant information, control buttons and USB port
  • fully encapsulated motor & gear unit with strong stepper motor that holds and moves> 5kg
  • 250000 steps, reproducibility 1 micron 0.001mm
  • Temperature sensor (about 180cm long)
  • automatic temperature compensation possible
  • permanent focus function
  • GOTO function and filter offsets can also be set in standalone mode via the handbox
  • Backlash compensation (clearance compensation for the OAZ) - 2 types
  • ASCOM driver compatible with almost any software (FocusMax, MaximDL, APT, ...)
  • free download of new firmware
  • manual focusing possible (after switching off and unplugging the motor cable)

Compatible with the following focuser:

  • Lacerta Octo60
  • all excerpts with Lacerta 1:10 upgrade
  • Skywatcher Crayford with native 1:10 reduction
  • Skywatcher Linear Power

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