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Springer Book Myths, Symbols and Legends of Solar System Bodies

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Product description:

Explores the mythology behind the Sun, the planets and named moons of our Solar System

This book is an amateur astronomer’s guide to the mythology and symbolism associated with the celestial bodies in the Solar System, and even includes some of the legendary tales of people who had or have a connection with these objects. It explores different cultures (for example, the Greco-Roman and the Norse) and different times and how stories were used to explain the worlds they saw above them. You’d be amazed how much of our world today reflects the myths and stories of these cultures!

Most amateur astronomers are familiar with the various Solar System objects, but they will be only peripherally aware of what ancient cultures thought of these other worlds. In fact, the mythology of the planets challenges many twenty-first century concepts and beliefs There are other books available on astromythology, but this one focuses mostly on our own Solar System, as opposed to the constellations and deep sky objects.

Alexander offers a new angle on timeless subjects and is exciting, informative and dramatic, as well as surprisingly relevant to everyday life. Find out for yourself how our modern world is steeped in the bygone worlds of yesteryear.

Table of Contents:

  • The Sun Through Antiquity
  • Symbols of the Sun
  • Planets
  • Mercury
  • Venus
  • Earth
  • Aurora Borealis
  • Earth’s Moon
  • Lunar Eclipses
  • Mars and Its Moons
  • Comets
  • The Asteroid Belt
  • Jupiter and Its Moons
  • Saturn and Its Moons
  • The Lost Planet
  • Uranus and Its Moons
  • Neptune and Its Moons
  • Pluto and Its Moons

The author Rachel Alexander grew up in Nottingham, England, surrounded by the mythology of english and history at Hatfield Polytechnic (UK), including ancient Greek history and philosophy, before completing her post-graduate Certificate of Education (the UK qualification for Teaching) at Exeter University. She has had a long-time interest in amateur astronomy.

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