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euro EMC Column Sternwartensäule P300 100cm

Product no.: 59717
Manufacturer: euro EMC

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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The P300 observatory column, with its pyramidal shape, as well as the smaller P200, is uncompromisingly designed for maximum load capacity.

  • Carries 100kg telescopic weight playfully and extremely low vibration
  • The pyramidal shape with octagonal base and conical shape ensures maximum rigidity with low weight
  • Large footprint for optimal introduction of forces into the soil
  • Internal ground screw connection, therefore without nightly trip hazards

At the top of the pyramid has a cross-section that corresponds to that of a round tube with 300 mm diameter, in the lower area, however, where the forces are greatest, has grown in the 1000 mm version of the comparable diameter already at 500 mm. The rigidity follows the diameter with the third power: the diameter, which has increased to 500 mm, is thus clearly superior to, for example, a steel pipe Ø300 mm and a wall thickness of 15 mm in the particularly critical load case "bending"! Almost even more essential than the pure diameter is the conical shape, as a result, the acting forces are largely introduced as much harmless tension in the material and greatly reduced vibrations. Through targeted coordination of wall thickness, cross-section and angle of inclination, we achieve maximum rigidity with a very low dead weight - thus the P300 is still easy to handle with muscle power despite its high load-bearing capacity.

The near-ground openings can be closed to additionally fill the observatory column with sand. An adjustable 4-point arrangement forms the particularly stiff transition from the welded pyramid to the machined precision surface for receiving the telescope mount.

The mounting plate is made of stainless steel and has a standard diameter of 290 mm. The column carries large mounts, such as:

  • 10 micron GM3000 / 4000
  • AOK V48 / WAM8000 / LM300
  • Astro Physics 1600/3600
  • Astelco NTM
  • Fornax 100/102/152
  • Button MK70 / 100
  • Software Bisque ME II / Taurus
  • Richard Bauer, Manfred Mauz, Sideres

Please tell us when ordering your mount. We will make you an offer for a suitable mounting plate.

The pyramid is made of sheet steel and is white powder coated as standard. It resists the usual climatic stress with this surface, but can be underlaid for unprotected outdoor use with additional corrosion protection. For extreme requirements, the production is completely made of stainless steel possible.

There are two ways to anchor the mount (see "Recommended Accessories"):

  • Anchoring kit 1 for existing concrete surfaces
  • Anchoring set 2 if new concreting is required

The observatory column consists of the two assemblies "pyramid" and "pyramid head" together. On the pyramid head, you can then attach the right adapter for your mount.

Recommended accessories:

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