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Lumicon Filterschachtel Set 50,8mm

Product no.: 64440
Manufacturer: Lumicon

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Product description:

Protect your expensive filters and accessories from dust and moisture with our protective plastic filter cases. The lid is attached so you can stop fumbling in the dark for the loose lid to your filter cases. Replace your old or missing filter cases with these improved ones.

These cases are made of durable translucent polypropylene plastic (PP) and are sturdy, oil, and moisture resistant. They feature a hinged lid for a secure press closure. A tab on one corner of the lid makes opening the case easy, and their flat, square design makes stacking a breeze.

This case is ideal for 2″ filters. Each case comes with two 3 mm thick pieces of EPE foam. The bottom layer cushions the filter and the top layer of foam is cut to fit all 2″ filters. The inside of this case measures 63mm (2.5″) square by 12mm (0.47″) deep.

Unlike the foam in many other cases, the EPE foam used in our cases does not off-gas chemicals or turn yellow.

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