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noctutec Antireflex-Lack SL-94 rau 100ml

Product no.: 62826
Manufacturer: noctutec

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noctutec Antireflex-Lack SL-94 rau 100ml
noctutec Antireflex-Lack SL-94 rau 100ml
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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

Special lacquer for the elimination of reflections in optical devices: The lacquer eliminates up to 99.3% of the grazing light at an angle of 60 °. In 20 ° grazing light even up to 99.9%!

Two variants: The solvent-based paint is available in smooth and rough so that the right paint is available for every type of application.

  • The paints have been specially developed to adhere to almost all optical surfaces, especially on metal and glass . It is quick-drying and strongly adhesive.
  • The paints are temperature resistant in a range from -30 ° C to + 90 ° C.
  • A can of 100ml is enough - depending on the thickness of the paint job - for about 0.5-2 square meters .

The noctutec antireflective paints can be applied with a soft brush or paint roller. The paint must be thoroughly mixed before use. The surface must be clean, free from dust and greasy residues.

Both paints can also be applied with the paint spray gun . It applies an injection pressure of 4 to 6 bar with a nozzle size of 1.5. Before painting, the spray viscosity must be adjusted with the dilution VK-80. The application with the spray gun ensures a uniform surface and is clearly superior to the job with the brush or paint roller.

When buying tools, pay attention to their solvent resistance! Clean tools immediately after use with VK-80 special dilution.

Smaller areas can be painted undiluted. For larger surfaces a dilution with VK-80 special dilution is advisable to have enough time for processing. Make sure you pass tests before you start with the paint job on the object!

Observe all notes from the data sheet (leaflet PDF under "Downloads") of the respective product. Process the products only in well-ventilated rooms!

Made in Germany! The noctutec antireflective paints were developed in collaboration with a chemist specializing in paint and a German paint manufacturer.

For best results, use the SL-94 paint rough as a base and then smoothly apply a thin coat of SL-94.

The photo on the right shows a painted metal sheet that was photographed at an extremely shallow angle directly against a cold white neon tube (exposure time 1/50 s at ISO 200).

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