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Product no.: 80050

Rotation Kit 2.2M Dome

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Product description

The NexDome Dome Rotation Kit is a plug an play and easy to use kit. Either rotate your dome using direction buttons or through your computer. This is the smallest, most cost effective and simplest dome rotation kit in the market. It was designed by using open source electronics and the software was made available as open source, too. So if you want more functions out of this kit, then code your own and share with others.

The driver is based on the latest ASCOM platform. The SkyX Pro plugin and Linux driver are also available. This kit includes: Motor, gear and bracket, control box, sensors, track and power supply.



Appropriate for producer
NexDome 2.2M




Type of build
NexDome Rotation Kit 2.2M Dome
NexDome Rotation Kit 2.2M Dome

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