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NexDome Web Power Switch

Product no.: 51898
Manufacturer: NexDome

$ 183.00

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Product description
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Product description:

Essential for remote observatories, 110/220V with US plugs and with European plugs

  • Simple, reliable, plug-and-play operation. Sets up in minutes. Robust. Easy to use.
  • Fully supports NTP, syslog, mobile devices.
  • Internal clock for programmed scheduling. Keypad for local outlet control, Ethernet for reliable remote control.
  • Enable the “Auto-Ping” feature to intelligently reboot a locked-up AP, router, VoIP phone, server, camera. or other device automatically, even during WAN outages.
  • Fully programmable using simple BASIC scripts.
  • Eight individual circuits are switched with up to 15A of power. Two unswitched outlets are also provided.
  • 10/100 autosensing plug-and-play Ethernet connection with static IP allows reliable connection anywhere on your LAN, WAN, or over the Internet.
  • Multiple power-up recovery modes add safety and exibil- ity: timed, sequential on, all-o , last state, etc.
  • Lowest power draw of any competitive product 4 watts! • Full 15A rating via convenient removable 14AWG power cord, C19/C20 standard.
  • Rest assured with eld proven reliability. DLI controllers are used worldwide in machine tools,data centers, industrial, and telecom applications - over one million outlets!

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