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Kosmos Verlag Almanac Kosmos Himmelsjahr 2014

Product no.: 33323
Manufacturer: Kosmos Verlag

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Product description:

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Sun, moon and stars in running

-Whether you want to discover constellations in the sky, see a planet or watch the next lunar eclipse all "celestial events," see the sky cosmos year detailed information:

  • Calendar data: the beginning of the seasons, holidays and all fixed and chronological information
  • Sun and Moon rise and set times, position in the zodiac, daily moon phases and eclipses
  • Planetary rotation: orbit of the planets through the constellations, when you can see them and where they meet
  • Stars and constellations: with clear star maps, detailed descriptions and telescope tips
  • Monthly Themes: fascinating tales of astronomical phenomena in everyday life and the mysteries of the universe

The author Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Keller is the founding director of the Planetarium Stuttgart (1976-2008) and professor of astronomy at the University of Stuttgart.

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