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Meade Mount DS 2000 with tripod and AutoStar GoTo

Product no.: 14873
Manufacturer: Meade

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Product description:

The Meade DS 2000 mount

With its extremely straightforward operation, this lightweight portable mount is perfect for beginners but is also equally suitable for advanced and experienced amateurs due to its high stability and compact construction. The single-arm fork mount has motors for both azimuth and elevation. The aluminium tripod includes a practical accessory tray.

The telescopes of the Meade DS-2000 series offer highly developed microprocessor technology and newest electromechanical design to amateur astronomers. Even movements in height and azimuth as well as the already integrated AutoStar-computer #494 (with over 1.500 stored celestial objects) provide for a lot of observation fun. Every object can be found immediately by the device - select an object on the display and the DS-2000 moves to! With the DS-2130 ATS LNT you already can take a look at the brightest objects beyond the solar system. Discover parts of nebulas of the big Orion-nebula and view the glow in the center of the Andromeda-galaxy at a range of over 2 million light-years!

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