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Skywatcher Guide scope mount

Product no.: 20120
Manufacturer: Skywatcher

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Skywatcher Guide scope mount
Skywatcher Guide scope mount
Skywatcher Guide scope mount
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Manufacturer's product description:

Skywatcher guide-scope bracket

The Skywatcher guide-scope bracket allows you to and quickly and easily attach a guide-scope to your main telescope. You no longer need guide-scope tube rings, but simply this compact bracket. Attached via an ordinary photo screw or a 1/4" piggyback adapter, it let you get started doing astrophotography right away - the GP receiver is especially suitable for taking smaller and shorter focal length refractors with a standard prism rail. Two screws let you adjust your telescope at elevation and azimuth and quickly locate an appropriate guide star.

Our expert comment:

Long guide scopes tubes have fallen out of favour in recent years. The modern autoguider does not require a long focal length. Small, compact ED apos, which simplify the location of a guide star with their wide fields of view, have proven themselves. Unfortunately, their short OTAs are often a poor fit in classical guide scope rings.

For small guiding chips, adjustment using guide scope rings is usually insufficiently sensitive.

One response to this problem is the tangential clamp. A tangential clamp can be infinitely adjusted over a tangential angle of several degrees and so can always find a sufficiently bright guide star.

For scopes of up to 60mm, we recommend the Skywatcher clamp

For scopes of up to 80mm, we recommend the Geoptik GK2 clamp

As a guide scope, we can recommend the inexpensive Omegon AP 66/400 ED refractor which can also be used on a suitable standard rail.

The tangential clamp can also be used as a piggy-back adapter for the tracking with telephoto lenses. For this, you will need

the rail

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