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Omegon Adaptors Adapter of 2'' on T2, optical path only 3 mm

Product no.: 4573
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Product description
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Product description:

Omegon 2” T-2 adapter - Focal camera adapter for SLR cameras

This 2“ camera adapter allows you to quickly attach your SLR camera to any telescope with a 2” focuser. Your camera is then securely attached to the telescope and ready for your nocturnal photo sessions.

You can simply attach your camera to the telescope

A T-2 thread permits virtually any camera to be attached and subsequently connected to the telescope. For SLR cameras, for example, you will only need the correct T-ring for your camera model - it is that simple. The adapter has a 2” barrel on the telescope side which is compatible with 2” focusers. With a 50.8mm outside diameter and compact design, any possible shadowing is clearly reduced as compared to 1.25” adapters.

Very short optical path

The Omegon 2“ camera adapter intrudes very little. The light path is extended by only 3mm, which is good news for the focus position as it is hardly changed. Even focusers with little latitude for adjustment are usually absolutely no problem.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 2" diameter T-2 focal adapter
  • fits into all 2“ focusers
  • T-2 external thread on the accessory side
  • safety groove to stop lens falling out
  • black anodized to minimise reflections
  • filter thread for 2“ filters

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