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Vixen Porta II mount with APP-TL130 tripod

Product no.: 49957
Manufacturer: Vixen

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Vixen Porta II mount with APP-TL130 tripod
Vixen Porta II mount with APP-TL130 tripod
Product description
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Product description:

The Porta II is a solid altazimuth mount with a 20lb payload capacity and features Slow Motion Flexible Handles to minimize vibrations and keep your view sharp. This is very useful in searching and tracking celestial objects.

The mount head is easily removed to allow for a switch to a heavier tripod. In addition, this is a great mount for terrestrial viewing. With no locks or clutches, our gear drives make it a simple matter to precisely track a planet or a ship on the horizon by turning the elevation and/or azimuth control handles. The Porta II Mount features slow motion control of both axes, solid central bolt for easy tripod change, flex handles and accessory tray.

The APP-TL130 tripod was developed for the Advanced Polaris mount, it it is also compatible with the Porta II, GP and fork mounts from Vixen.

The APP-TL130 tripod guarantees both portability and stability for astronomical observations. Retracted it measures only 60 centimeters and is therefore an ideal companion for people on the go. The tripod can be extended to a maximum height of 130 centimeters. The tips of the tripod legs have a retractable rubber cover, which protects the floor from scratches.

Delivery contents include:

Porta slow-motion extender, 300mm; for fine movement of RA and DEC axes

Practical tool tray with magnetic holder.
Most telescopes have the standard Vixen connection, with which they can easily be attached to the mount.
The resistance of the slip clutch is adjustable and so can be adapted to optics of different weights.
Tripod bag

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