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Omegon 2'', 45° Amici prism

Product no.: 24095
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon 2'', 45° Amici prism
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Product description:

Omegon 2" Amici prism - for brilliant nature observing with astronomical telescopes

Why should you observe only astronomical objects with your telescope? Take advantage of the potential of your telescope and observe the beauty of nature with an Amici Prism. A telescope basically images objects upside down, but an upright image is always necessary for nature observing.

Comfortable and non-reversed
The Omegon 2" Amici prism gives an upright, non-reversed image, similar to binoculars. Angled at 45°, viewing is always optimal, guaranteeing a comfortable posture when observing. It is suitable for use with refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrains or Maksutov-Cassegrains

Which eyepieces fit?
It is suitable for any astronomical eyepiece from our range! There is a 2" plug-in on the eyepiece side and there is a 1.25" reducing sleeve. The built-in 2" barrel allows use with a large range of telescopes. Simply insert the prism and you can start.

High quality workmanship
This large Omegon Amici prism is multi-coated, providing a clear, sharp image. It provides not only a reflection-free image but also maximum contrast. The CNC machined housing is of a high level of workmanship and guarantees you many years of observing pleasure.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • CNC machined housing.
  • suitable for refractors, Schmidt-Cassegrains, ACF, EdgeHD and Maksutov-Cassegrains
  • FMC coating on all optical surfaces
  • 2" barrel with filter thread
  • 2" - 1.25" reducing sleeve with brass compression ring
  • 30mm clear aperture
Omegon Amici prism with 2'' to 1.25 '' reducer-adapter

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