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Omegon Tripod ball-head Pro OM10

Product no.: 33148
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Tripod ball-head Pro OM10
Omegon Tripod ball-head Pro OM10
Omegon Tripod ball-head Pro OM10
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Product description:

Omegon OM10 tripod head - A small ball head with a wealth of features

The Omegon OM10 ball head makes life easy for you. It is not only incredibly well made but, despite its compact size, it can carry up to 8kg in weight.

The grippy knobs are easy to operate optimally, even with cold-numbed fingers, and a special safety device protects your instrument from accidental falling out.

No matter for what purpose, with the Omegon ball head you stay on the ball.

Freely tilting - wherever you want

The ball head allows you the complete freedom to move your camera or lens around freely and lightning-fast in any direction. Say you spot a bird approaching and decide you want to catch it with the camera - of course you will need to be quick! But the ball head is also suitable for photographing static objects. Take your time and select your subject - you can use portrait or landscape format as your camera can be tilted to the side by up to 90°.

360° rotatable

The tripod head can be rotated through 360° and locks in any position. A reticule and an arrow always precisely show you position.

Super-quick attachment: Mount your camera with a 'click'

The quick-release plate can be quickly attached to your camera or spotting scope/binoculars via a photo screw. Your instrument can then be easily attached to the tripod head in just a few seconds. This makes your observing and photography even easier.

When you push the quick-release plate into position, you will hear a faint 'click' - the plate, together with your valuable camera, is now secured against accidentally falling out.

Adjust focus or a panorama

You can now move your camera back and forth on the quick-release plate; making it easy for you to find the centre of gravity of your camera. Or you can find the nodal point of your camera - making your panoramas easier.

Small spirit level: Be always level

This is basically a small, round spirit level. It means that you do not have to rely on judging whether something is level by eye alone. One look at the spirit level will show you whether it is level or not.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • also suitable for larger instruments - ball head with 8kg load capacity
  • easy to handle even in the cold: large grippy clamping screws
  • quick-release system with lateral clamping
  • ¼" screw quick-release plate
  • easily handled even in the cold: large grippy clamping screws
  • 3/8" thread for attaching to most tripods
  • 360° rotation mechanism with graduated scale
  • built-in mini spirit level

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