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Bresser Camera mount

Product no.: 57004
Manufacturer: Bresser

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Bresser Camera mount
Bresser Camera mount

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Product description:

Please note that this product desciption was translated by a computer. For more information please contact our english speaking customer service.

The core of the photomontage is a stepper motor that compensates for the sky rotation by rotating the axis of the mount (called the "hourly axis") at the speed of the stars ("sideral"), keeping the camera aligned with the desired sky.

For this to succeed, the photomontage must be sorted: Just aim with the integrated polar finder the Polarstern and already the hour axis of the mount is aligned parallel to the earth's axis.

With the ball head with quick release plate, you can quickly put all cameras with the usual photo thread (1/4 "and 3/8") and align it to the desired sky area.

The camera also requires only a setting for long exposures and of course a lens. Typical achievable exposure times with good tracking accuracy are: 16mm-35mm wide-angle lens: 10 minutes (600 seconds) or with a 200mm telephoto lens: 5 minutes (300 seconds).

The illustrations on the right give an impression of the tracking accuracy ("tracking") at different focal lengths.

Battery operated: Included in delivery is a small bag for holding the batteries. Optionally, a power supply can be connected: 6V, DC socket 5.5 / 2.5mm (positive pole inside).

This product is ideal if you already have a good photo tripod with tilt. Otherwise, please access the complete set:

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