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Bobs Knobs Knobs for Newtonian 8” Primary

Product no.: 55355
Manufacturer: Bobs Knobs

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Product description:

In the case that this article currently is not available from the warehouse, please note the following: we order from this supplier in regular intervals. Please place your order now, so that we may take into account your order and deliver the article to you by the above-mentioned date. If you need the article earlier, we can rush it for you for an additional price. In this case, please contact our customer service department.

Bob's Knobs: Collimate your Schmidt-Cassegrain or Newton-Telescope without tools! It's easy! Just grab a Bob's Knob collimation thumbscrew and turn. You can even do it while looking through the eyepiece on most scopes. And you'll never drop that pesky little Allen wrench or screwdriver into the grass again. Installation is a snap with the included instructions, and you can undo the modification at any time.

These knobs will fit most Newtonian reflectors made by Guan Sheng Optical, including GSO, Hardin Optical, Meade Lightbridge, and Zhumell models. They have a screw diameter of 7 mm (collimation) and 6 mm (locking), and will usually fit your telescope if you select the knobs that match your scope’s aperture.

Primary collimation

  • Knobs: Black plastic, 30 mm (1-1/4”) diameter, 5-point fluted
  • Threads: Plated steel

Primary Lock

  • Knobs: Black plastic, 25 mm (1”) diameter, knurled
  • Threads: Stainless steel

These knobs will fit telescopes with M7 (7 mm diameter) primary adjustment screws and M6 (6 mm diameter) primary lock screws. These knobs will not fit 8” GSO telescopes that have M5 (5 mm diameter) primary adjustment screws.

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