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Columbus continental North America map

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Manufacturer: Columbus

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Columbus continental North America map
Columbus continental North America map
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Product description:

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The logical development of the successful and popular COLUMBUS world maps represent the continent maps. On the front they display, similar to the COLUMBUS DUORAMA ™ -Kartenbild the vegetation map image of our earth. As the world maps feature this continent maps through its concise representation of relief and the unique detail. The back shows, modeled after the DUO ™ -Kartenbildes, the current political image of the Earth. The brilliant colors and the harmony of colors are complemented by an unsurpassed wealth of current information.

Material: special paper, matt laminated foil, 5-color; Front gloss, matt laminated foil back

Front physically m. Relief impression, back politically, 85 x 115 cm, 1: 8,750,000, 5 colors printed on special paper with matt-gloss contrasts of the continents, top and bottom with strips of stainless steel

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