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Planet Observer Map Portugal

Product no.: 3479
Manufacturer: Planet Observer

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Product description:

PlanetObserver's range of satellite imagery products is primarly processed from the civil american setellite Landsat 5, which takes pictures in a distance of 705,3km from earth.
Specialised in satellite imagery products for over 20 years, PlanetObserver has developed a unique expertise in satellite imagery processing. Production is fully integrated and conducted by their in-house technical team for all their products and services.

In order to provide high-quality value-added data, PlanetObserver applies their unique experience and skills at every step of the satellite imagery process:

  • Raw data assembling after initial geometric correction.
  • Colour correction and natural colour processing.
  • Final seamless and homogeneous processing.

All the products are processed in natural colours (such as water blue, snow white, vegetation green or yellow). The data are georeferenced and orthorectified. An effect of this special use of colours is that geographic details can easily be identified (highways, huge airports or ports, rivers, metropoles on the posters
of regions / states)

Map on a 1:1.100.000 scale

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