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Product no.: 77272

DriveKit Light Skywatcher EQ5

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Product description


  • Belt driven stepper motors for precise tracking
  • Hand control with magnet for attachment
  • ST-4 autoguider connector

Suitable for Sky-Watcher EQ5 , Celestron CG-5, Meade LXD, Vixen GP/GP-DX/GPD2, Orion SkyView, Bresser EXOS-2 and similar

With this kit you can motorize your mount. You can perform fine movements through the motors. The motors then track the adjusted object so that it remains centered in the eyepiece or camera sensor. Even the smallest movement of the telescope tube is now completely under control, the observed object is tracked with high accuracy even at extreme magnifications.

High-precision stepper motors in metal housings are equipped with a belt drive . The hand control box allows you to switch drive modes and control the mount without interrupting your observations.

Connecting a tracking camera to the controller via the ST-4 connector puts the system into automatic tracking mode. For astrophotography you can use software like Maxim DL, PHD2, etc. Together with the high accuracy of the drives, this enables entry into a new level of astrophotography with long exposure times and large image series.

Scope of delivery:

  • Drives for RA and Dec with cables
  • control unit
  • handheld remote control
  • Set of pulleys and belts
  • Set of fasteners and keys for mounting the operators
  • Velcro tape 3 pieces for cable routing



Input voltage
Appropriate for telescopes
Skywatcher EQ5 & Bresser EXOS-2


Mount accessories
Type of build
Motors & Controls

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Asterion DriveKit Light Skywatcher EQ5
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Asterion DriveKit Light Skywatcher EQ5

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Asterion DriveKit Light Skywatcher EQ5

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