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Omegon RA motor set for EQ-4

Product no.: 23805
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon RA motor set for EQ-4
Omegon RA motor set for EQ-4
Product description
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Manufacturer's product description:

Omegon EQ-4 motor drive - the drive for your Omegon EQ-4 telescope

Put a motor drive on your telescope and save yourself the bother of having to continually track by hand, when hardly have you positioned an object in the telescope's field of view and it is already slipping out of sight again.

The object now stays in the field of view

The Omegon EQ-4 tracking motor holds astronomical objects precisely centred in the field of view. After turning it on, you will no longer have to manually track objects. It moves the RA axis precisely synchronised with sidereal time. You will immediately be able to enjoy more relaxed observing. Show your family and friends the night sky, without objects always moving out of the field of view.

First steps with your own photos

Your EQ-4 mount can be used to manually track objects with the slow motions. But for photography, this is much too imprecise. When you allow the motor drive take over the tracking, this will let you take your first steps in astrophotography with the EQ-4.

After you have positioned an astronomical object in the camera's field of view, you can then keep it correctly positioned by use of the supplied hand box. If an object is still not exactly in the centre of the field, it is easy to move the Moon, star or planet to the centre by use of coarse speed (4X) or a fine speed (2X). As soon as you release the adjustment buttons, control automatically reverts to the normal tracking speed.

You can photograph these objects:

Using the tracking motor for the Omegon EQ-4 mount, it is now easy to photograph the full Moon or an individual crater on the Moon. You can also photograph the planets Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. It is best suited to a normal digital camera with manual function or an astronomical webcam for planetary photography.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • tracking motor for automatic tracking in the RA axis
  • suitable for visual observing and getting started in astrophotography
  • hand control box with 2Xand 4X correction speeds
  • adjustment for use in northern or southern hemisphere
  • gear wheel for easy installation onto the tracking shaft

Our expert comment:

Please note - this motor will only fit Omegon N 150/750 EQ-4 and N130/920 EQ-3 telescopes made from 2015 on.

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Right of return up to January 31 2022!