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Product no.: 63799

RA Motordrive for Starquest & Avant Mounts

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Product description

The right ascension axis motor for the Skywatcher Starquest and Avant mounts facilitates simple telescope tracking using sidereal rate. This means you can comfortably observe an object for an extended period without having to worry about tracking.

The motor is fully assembled within an ergonomic, compact casing and the two AA batteries (not included) are placed directly into a panel in the motor housing. It can be configured for operation in the northern and southern hemispheres and is also equipped with an autoguiding system inlet for astrophotography.


Special features

Autoguider interface
Switch between northern / southern hemispheres


Battery compartment


Battery type
Mignon (AA, LR6) (2 pieces)

Recommended accessories

Miscellaneous (1)

Varta Professional Mignon (AA) lithium batteries, pack of 4

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Skywatcher RA Motordrive for Starquest & Avant Mounts

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