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Orion Mount Atlas EQ-G SynScan GoTo

Product no.: 14508
Manufacturer: Orion

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Product description:

The Orion Atlas EQ-G GoTo mount:

The Atlas EQ-G is the largest mount available from Orion and gives tremendous performance. It can even carry OTAs of up to 18kg while remaining stable and vibration-free. The Atlas mount can even take Newtonian telescopes with a mirror diameter of up to 25cm.

Specializing in astrophotography

As well as its high load bearing capacity, the Atlas EQ-G also tracks with high precision. The 12 ball-bearing and taper-roller bearings employed ensure accurate, successful astrophotography. Matched stainless steel worm gears and bronze worm wheels also ensure smooth tracking with their low worm gear periodic error.

The powerful stepper motors on right ascension and declination axes mean slewing to objects is very quiet, even at high GoTo speed - so your neighbours can enjoy a good night's sleep.

The mount's illuminated polar finder means aligning on the North Pole needs only a couple of minutes. Everything is then ready for starting your observing or astrophotography.

Electronic assistance for your photos

Backlash, periodic error correction and an ST-4 auto-guiding port: Decide for yourself whether you want manual control of guiding or whether you want to allow astrophotography to run completely automatically.

The universe in the palm of your hand: GoTo control

The two-line display lights up in an unobtrusive red in the dark. With a huge catalogue of 42,900 astronomical targets, the system guarantees you will find all kinds of interesting objects - and you can start on this immediately after carrying out the initial star alignment. Choose a planet in the solar system, have a look at well-known Messier objects or even observe NGC objects.

Observe planets, galaxies, globular clusters, emission nebulae, planetary nebulae or objects you have saved yourself.

After you have selected an object, the telescope will automatically slew to it, allowing you to start observing it through the eyepiece.

Control system and mount:

  • GoTo control with clearly laid out hand control box (can even be operated with gloves)
  • red line-display (dimmable) and red backlit buttons
  • 1, 2 or 3 star alignment available
  • over 42,900 objects accessible
  • 25 self-defined objects with coordinate settings possible
  • speed 3.4°/second
  • tracking mode: sidereal, lunar, solar and sidereal with PEC
  • object recalibration possible
  • can be updated from the Internet
  • control via PC available (RS232)
  • autoguiding via interface
  • periodic error correction (for astrophotography)
  • polar finder can be illuminated and can be used via scale or constellation markings
  • GPS function from optional additional module possible
  • power consumption and temperature display
  • Version 3.XX
  • load bearing capacity up to 18Kg (for visual astronomy even a little more)

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