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Software Bisque Paramount ME II

Product no.: 51030
Manufacturer: Software Bisque

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Product description:

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The consequent development of the Paramount ME mount with higher load capacity and improved performance!

The Paramount ME mount - the predecessor of the Paramount ME II - has revolutionized remote observation in the amateur astronomy. It was the first affordable mount in the amateur field with looped through the RA-axis cable and corresponding remote control software.

The Paramount ME II

  • carries telescopes up to a total weight of 109 kilograms (depending on the length)
  • with a net weight of only 38 kilograms (Achskreuz)
  • It offers an internal wiring through the polar axis with plenty of space for additional accessory cable
  • The periodic error is max. 7 arc seconds (peak to peak without further PEC correction by the control software)
  • The positioning is on average 30 seconds of arc (with TPoint software support)
  • Both axes are absolutely backlash-free (so no "backlash") by a belt drive of the axis drives
  • Positioning and tracking up to three hours of meridian passage possible (45 °)
  • Calibrated polar Aligment-adjustment device
  • Cable management in the mount, with enough space for own lines
  • Slip clutch free design allows permanent T-point model and thus consistently high positioning accuracy better than 30 arcseconds

Software included in the delivery:

  • TheSkyX Professional Edition
  • TPoint Add On
  • Camera Add On
  • Multi-OS and Six License Add On for Mac and Windows

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