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Product no.: 69822

Pro Powerbank 48k LiFePO4 154Wh 12V

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This product is available in the following variants:
Capacity Price
13(@12V, 154Wh) $ 199.00
26(@12V, 307Wh) $ 299.00

Product description

The best view of the night sky is in places far away from artificial lighting. Unfortunately, there is no socket there. Nevertheless, you don't have to do without the convenience of a GoTo mount! Because with theOmegon Per power bank you can operate your telescope mount all night long.

A LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) battery is installed in the Pro Powerbank. LiFePO4 has significant advantages over regular lithium-ion batteries and the outdated lead-acid batteries!

In contrast to the outdated lead-acid batteries, the power bank is smaller and lighter. You also don't have to worry about accidentally damaging the battery by charging it irregularly or completely discharging it. In addition, a LiFePO4 battery does not contain any toxic heavy metals!

Compared to other lithium-ion batteries, the LiFePO4 batteries are more robust and reliable:

  • During discharging, the voltage is much more stable at around 12V
  • Drastically reduced risk of ignition and explosion.
  • Long shelf life, even years without use have no negative effects.
  • Stable performance even after hundreds of charge cycles.

theOmegon Pro power bank is available in two sizes:

  • Omegon Per power bank 48k: capacity of 154Wh (13Ah @12V). If you want to run a medium or large telescope mount all night long with few electronic accessories, then this is the power bank for you.
  • Omegon Per power bank 96k: capacity of 307Wh (26Ah @12V). If, in addition to a mount, you also operate extensive accessories such as anti-dew heaters, a thermoelectrically cooled astro camera, a mini PC, etc., then this larger power bank is recommended. (In this case, we also recommend a power distributor, e.g. PegasusAstro)

LEDs indicate the current state of charge of the power bank. It can be easily charged using the included power adapter.

The integrated protection against short circuit, overcharging, deep discharge and overload not only protects the power bank itself, but also the connected mount.

All mounts or devices with a cigarette lighter cable can be connected.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Power bank for the mobile power supply of your telescope
  • Large capacity: 154Wh (48k) / 307Wh (96k)
  • Lithium iron phosphate battery - lighter and more robust than traditional lead acid batteries, more reliable than other Li-ion batteries
  • Cigarette lighter socket 12V (max. 13A)
  • additional USB sockets (output 5V)
  • Power pack for charging the power bank



Output voltage
Battery type
13 (@12V, 154Wh)
Amperage (A)
max. 13
Output socket (mm)
- (Cigarette lighter socket)

Special features

Battery charge indicator
Total-discharge protection
Short-circuit protected
Overload protection


Power pack


Power supply
Type of build
Rechargeable battery
Weight (g)
Overall size LxWxH (cm)
20,8 x 14,8 x 3,8
Outer material
Synthetic material

Recommended accessories

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$ 412.00*

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Omegon Pro Powerbank 48k LiFePO4 154Wh 12V
Omegon Pro Powerbank 48k LiFePO4 154Wh 12V

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