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Skywatcher Mount HEQ-5 Pro SynScan GoTo

Product no.: 4071
Manufacturer: Skywatcher

€ 1,099.00

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Skywatcher Mount HEQ-5 Pro SynScan GoTo
Skywatcher Mount HEQ-5 Pro SynScan GoTo
Skywatcher Mount HEQ-5 Pro SynScan GoTo
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Product description:

The HEQ-5 Pro GoTo mount:

The high-quality parallactic HEQ-5 Pro GoTo mount turns your telescope into a precision instrument for exciting and fascinating astronomical observing. The extensive equipment included with the HEQ-5 Pro GoTo mount includes a polar finder for easily aligning the telescope to the correct position in the sky, aluminium right ascension and declination scales and electric tracking motors on both axes. So you only need to align the parallactic mount to the celestial North Pole before observing and then let your telescope track via the motors - ideal for getting started in astrophotography! The mount weighs 7.4 kg and is much more stable than the simpler EQ-5 mount. The HEQ-5 Pro GoTo also damps down vibrations much more quickly.

Mount and tracking features:

  • speeds 2X, 8X and 16X sidereal
  • tracking modes: sidereal, lunar and solar
  • polar finder

  1. Included with the mount:

  • HEQ-5 Pro GoTo mount with motors on both axes
  • SynScan hand control box
  • sturdy tubular steel tripod
  • suitable counterweights
  • extra brace with eyepiece tray

The heavy-duty Sky-Watcher HEQ-5 and EQ-6 equatorial mounts come in three versions: Classic, SynTrek and SynScan. The classic version is the strandard design with no extras, the other versions are known by the suffix 'SynTrek' or 'Pro SynScan'. While in the classic version uses simple DC motors, high-quality stepper motors are used for the upgraded versions. The SynTrek comes with a simple hand control but the SynScan, however, is supplied with a SynScan hand control box with full computer-controlled GoTo functionality.

The SynTrek version can be connected to a SynScan hand control box, available separately, upgrading it to full SynScan capability.

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